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Medical Archives
Periodical of AVICENA, d.o.o., Sarajevo
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ISSN: 0350-199X (Print)
ISSN: 1986-5961 (Online)
Language: [ English ]  

  » Volume 69, Issue 5
      pp. 284-346
  » Volume 69, Issue 4
      pp. 212-275
  » Volume 69, Issue 3
      pp. 140-207
  » Volume 69, Issue 2
      pp. 68-135
  » Volume 69, Issue 1
      pp. 4-63

 Med Arh. Year: 2015, Volume: 69, Issue: 5

    Original Article

  1. Molecular Characterization of Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency in Families from the Republic of Macedonia and Genotype-phenotype Correlation
    Anet Papazovska Cherepnalkovski, Tatijana Zemunik, Sofijanka Glamocanin, Katica Piperkova, Ivana Gunjaca, Svetlana Kocheva, Biljana Coneska Jovanova, Vjekoslav Krzelj
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 284-288
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.284-288

  2. The Effect of Midazolam on Decreasing the Duration of Intussusception Hydrostatic Reduction in Children
    Ali Eisapour, Raheleh Mehrayin, Mohammadreza Esmaeili-Dooki
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 289-292
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 0.5455/medarh.2015.69.289-292

  3. Evaluation of 6 Patients with Genital Melanoma from Onset of Symptoms to Death: Evaluate the Factors Affecting the Prognosis of the Disease
    Marjan Shokrani
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 293-297
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.293-297

  4. Open Rotator Cuff Tear Repair Using Deltopectoral Approach
    Mohammad Reza Guity, Amir Sobhani Eraghi
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 298-301
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.298-301

  5. Emergency Room Treatment of Hypertensive Crises
    Sabina Salkic, Selmira Brkic, Olivera Batic-Mujanovic, Farid Ljuca, Almedina Karabasic, Sehveta Mustafic
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 302-306
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 0.5455/medarh.2015.69.302-306

  6. Inflammatory Markers and Procoagulants in Chronic Renal Disease Stages 1-4
    Alma Muslimovic, Senija Rasic, Denijal Tulumovic, Senad Hasanspahic, Damir Rebic
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 307-310
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.307-310

  7. Health Effects of the Programmed Physical Activities on Lipid Profile in Peripheral Arterial Disease of the Lower Extremities
    Abel Baltic, Rusmir Baljic, Izet Radjo, Akif Mlaco, Ifet Mahmutovic
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 311-314
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.311-314

  8. Urinary Problems Amongst Gynecological Consultations. Association Between Prolapse, Gynecological Surgery and Diabetes
    Zaheera Saadia
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 315-318
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.315-318

  9. Electrocardiographic and Echocardiographic Imaging of the Heart of Athletes and Patients with Hypertension
    Amir Kreso, Fahir Barakovic, Senad Medjedovic, Amela Halilbasic, Muhamed Klepic
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 319-322
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.319-322

  10. Clinical Impact of Chronic Tonsillitis on Weight and Height Parameters
    Beqir Abazi, Bajram Shaqiri, Halil Ajvazi, Pajtim Lutaj, Pjerin Radovani
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 323-326
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.323.326

  11. Treatment of Infertility in Men with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with the Method of Intrauterine Insemination
    Shkelzen Elezaj, Zafer Gashi, Afrim Zeqiraj, Driton Grabanica, Anton Shllaku, Bujar Gruda, Vesel Musaj
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 327-330
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.327-330

  12. Gender Representation of Osteoporosis in Patients with Urolithiasis
    Radojka Bijelic, Milorad Balaban, Snjezana Milicevic
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 331-333
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.331-333

  13. Intraocular Pressure Measurements Referring to the Corneal Thickness in Keratoconic Eyes After Corneal Crosslinking with Riboflavin and Ultraviolet A
    Sanja Sefic Kasumovic, Milka Mavija, Aida Kasumovic, Orhan Lepara, Belkisa Duric-Colic, Emir Cabric, Lejla Muhamedagic, Adisa SakovIc-Racic, Mirko Jankov
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 334-338
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.334-338

  14. Case Report

  15. Atherogenic Dyslipidemia and Residual Vascular Risk in Practice of Family Doctor
    Esad Alibasic, Enisa Ramic, Amila Bajraktarevic, Farid Ljuca, Olivera Batic-Mujanovic, Muharem Zildzic
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 339-341
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.339-341

  16. Familial Pompe Disease
    Mehmet Tecellioglu, Ozden Kamisli
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 342-344
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.342-344

  17. Tinea Corporis, Caused by Microsporum Canis - a Case Report From Kosovo
    Fatime Kokollari, Aferdita Daka, Ymrane Blyta, Fellanza Ismajli, Kujtesa Haxhijaha-Lulaj
    Med Arh. 2015; 69(5): 345-346
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/medarh.2015.69.345-346


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