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International Journal of Health Sciences and Research (IJHSR)
Periodical of IJHSR
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ISSN: 2249-9571 (Online)
Language: [ English ]  

  » Volume 6, Issue 7
      pp. 1-440
  » Volume 6, Issue 6
      pp. 1-450
  » Volume 6, Issue 5
      pp. 1-422
  » Volume 6, Issue 4
      pp. 1-580
  » Volume 6, Issue 3
      pp. 1-339
  » Volume 6, Issue 2
      pp. 1-439
  » Volume 6, Issue 1
      pp. 1-652

 IJHSR. Year: 2016, Volume: 6, Issue: 7

    Original Research

  1. Awareness of Antenatal Care Services and Danger Signals during Pregnancy.
    Anju Ade, Sujatha N
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 1-6
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  2. Assessment of Waste Management Practices among Traders in Major Markets in Owerri, IMO State, Nigeria.
    Anthony C. Iwu, Chukwuma B. Duru, Kenechi A. Uwakwe, Kevin C. Diwe, Irene A. Merenu, Chima A Emerole, Henry N. Chineke
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 7-17
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  3. Burden of Anaemia among Pregnant Women Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in Assam.
    Anuja Baruah, Beeva Boruah
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 18-23
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  4. Epidemiological Transition in Lagos, Nigeria: A Ten-Year Retrospective Analysis of the Patterns and Trends of Morbidity and Mortality at Nigeria’s Premier General Hospital.
    Olawunmi Abimbola Olagundoye, Rafiat Olufunmilayo Olatunji
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 24-32
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  5. Clinical Effectiveness of Intravenous Levosimendan Therapy in the Treatment of Acute Decompensated Heart Failure and Its Effect on Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines, Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines and NT Pro BNP.
    Ekrem Aksu, Gürkan Çıkım
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 33-41
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  6. A Study of Effect of Rosuvastatin on Vitamin D Levels in Patients with Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and Coronary Artery Disease.
    Nitesh kumar Bauddh, Gajender Singh Ranga
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 42-46
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  7. Overview of Blood Transfusion in a Paediatric Medical Setting of a Tertiary Hospital in South-South Nigeria.
    Mabel Benson Ino-Ekanem, Eno-Obong Udomobong Bassey
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 47-51
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  8. A Study of Metabolic Syndrome in Patients with Psoriasis and Its Association with Disease Severity a Case Control Study.
    Sandra Eliza Mathew, Srikanth. S, S. Lokesh, D.Abirami
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 52-63
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  9. Seroprevalence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Pregnant Woman: A Hospital Based Study.
    Ajay Kumar, Subhash Kashyap, B.D. Negi
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 64-67
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  10. The Accuracy of Sonographic Determination of Fetal Gender.
    Ibrahim Abbas Awad, Zahra’a Munir Al-Safwani
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 68-73
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  11. Association of Lipid Profile with Diabetic Retinopathy- A Comparative Study.
    Shubhratha S. Hegde, H.T Vekategowda
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 74-81
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  12. Comparison of Diltiazem and Lignocaine in Attenuating Hemodynamic Responses during Extubation in Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.
    Abhilasha Thanvi, M.L. Tak, Udita Naithani
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 82-89
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  13. A Study to Assess Incidence of Hernia in a Tertiary Hospital in North Karnataka City.
    Basavaraj Badadal, Shivanand Karigar
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 90-93
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  14. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation in Obstetrics: A Retrospective Study.
    Mehta Prakash, Uttam Vaishnav, Pawar Monali
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 94-98
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  15. Musculoskeletal Disorders in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
    Yogesh Karoli, Ritu Karoli, Jalees Fatima, Vaibhav Shukla
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 99-104
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  16. Invasive Lobular Carcinoma of Breast Histopathological Subtypes: Clinicopathological Study.
    Sunil V Jagtap, Atul Beniwal, PG Chougule,Heena P Shah, Swati S Jagtap
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 105-111
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  17. Correlation of Metabolic and Morphological Effects of Trigonella Foenum Graecum (Fenugreek) in Liver and Skeletal Muscles of Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats.
    Prakash Sadashiv Ghadi, Majid Fheid Al-alsubeiy, Hassan Ahmed Taher Alalwan
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 112-121
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  18. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Neoplastic and Nonneoplastic Ovarian Masses with Histological Correlation.
    Gajender Singh, Padam Parmar, Sant Prakash Kataria, Rajnish Kalra, Veena Gupta, Komal Brar, Yashika Bhatia
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 122-129
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  19. Trends in Bacterial Spectrum of Community Acquired Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): A Comparison of Data for Years 2011 & 2014 at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital.
    Vaishali N Solanke, Rupali S Suryawanshi, Gita Nataraj, Preeti R Mehta
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 130-137
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  20. Knowledge and Assessment of Parents on Diarrhoea and Its Management in Lagos, Nigeria.
    Jolaiya Tolu F, Smith Stella I, Coker Akitoye O.
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 138-143
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  21. High Level Aminoglycoside Resistance in Enterococcus Species Isolated from Tertiary Care Hospital of South India - An Update.
    L.Triveda, S.Gomathi
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 144-147
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  22. A Study on Accessory Renal Arteries in Cadavers and Its Clinical Correlation.
    Pramila Padmini Mantraratnam, Narasinga Rao Bhattam
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 148-150
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  23. A Study on Y chromosome Microdeletion Screening of Infertile Males from Maharashtra State, India.
    Dipti L Bichile, A.R Kharkar, G A Shroff, P Menon, M P Bankar
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 151-158
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  24. A Study on the Branching Pattern of Left Coronary Artery in Human Cadaveric Hearts.
    K Naga Vidya Lakshmi, Mahesh Dhoot, Pallavi Mishra
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 159-161
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  25. Efficacy of the Aquilaria Malaccensis Leaves Active Fraction in Glucose Uptake in Skeletal Muscle on Diabetic Wistar Rats.
    Fauzia Said, M. T. Kamaluddin, Theodorus
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 162-167
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  26. Comparison of Smear Layer Removal with Diode Laser, Canal Brush, 17% EDTA Solution - A Short Study.
    Datta Prasad S, Anusha S, Sunil Kumar C, Hemadhri M, Sasidhar Reddy, Sunil Kumar
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 168-176
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  27. Normative Values of Modified- Modified Schober Test in Measuring Lumbar Flexion and Extension: A Cross- Sectional Study.
    Komal Malik, Pallavi Sahay, Sourov Saha, Rajesh Kumar Das
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 177-187
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  28. Development of a Memory Clinic for Older Adults: Promoting Productive Aging.
    Christopher Walters, Alyssa Leonard, Kaitlyn Haldeman, Jon Ignatovich, Ashlee Ward
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 188-197
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  29. Quality of Life of HIV-AIDS Infected Pregnant Women in Medan, North Sumatera Province, Indonesia.
    Siti Saidah Nasution, Nur Asiah, Ellyta Aizar
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 198-204
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  30. Efficacy of Training Module on Knowledge of Diabetes Care among Nurses.
    Sheela Upendra, Seeta Devi
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 205-208
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  31. A Study to Assess the Perception of Oncology Patients on Chemotherapy with Regard to Nursing Care in a Selected Hospital at Chennai.
    Sheeba Jebakani A
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 209-213
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  32. The Variance of Professional Attitude in Nursing Students: The Role of Nursing Education in This Variance.
    Yurdanur Dikmen, Funda Erol, Handenur Başaran
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 214-221
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  33. A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme Regarding Knowledge of Rural People about Health Services Provided by P.H.C. Kale.
    Nandkumar R. Kakade, Sneha N. Kakade, SatishV.Kakade
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 222-227
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  34. A Study to Assess the Impact of Guided Imagery Therapy on Blood Pressure among Hypertensive Geriatric Group Residing in Selected Old Age Home of Pune City.
    Rekha Vishnu Mane, Shital Waghmare
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 228-236
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  35. Assess and Compare Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Versus Traditional Clinical Examination (TCE) Regarding Denver Developmental Screening Test (DDST II) in Terms of Preference.
    Chetna Kumari, Yogesh Kumar, Srinivasan P
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 237-242
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  36. Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme (PTP) Regarding Prevention and Management of Swine Flu in Terms of Knowledge among Rural Population.
    Manjeet Kaur, Kanika, Yogesh Kumar
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 243-248
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  37. Explore Anxiety among Cancer Patients at Selected Hospital of Haryana.
    Poonam Ahlawat, A. Right Kumari Devi
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 249-252
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  38. Compliance, Quality System and Standards for Contro and Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections.
    Manickam Tamilselvi, Ankanagari Srinivas
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 253-263
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  39. Contraception Practices in a Southwestern Nigerian Urban Population.
    Olaiya Paul Abiodun, Saheed Opeyemi Usman, Joshua Olomide, Sanni Hamza, Afusat Adesina
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 264-269
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  40. Effect of Trigonella Foenum-Graecum L. Seed Powder on Dyslipidemia and Oxidative Stress in High Calorie Diet-Induced Obese Rats.
    Victoria Konopelnyuk, Ievgenii Goloborodko, Larysa Kot, Dariia Lavrovska, Tetyana Khilko, Iryna Yakubtsova, Tamara Preobrazhenska, Lyudmila Ostapchenko
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 270-280
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  41. Different Types of Commercial Fruit Juices in Malaysia as Alternative Negative Oral Contrast Agent on Phantom Image Quality in Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography (MRCP).
    Hairenanorashikin Sharip, Nurul Nuranis Azmi, Rafidah Supar
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 281-285
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  42. Anti-ACE Activity of Seasonal Fruits in Fluoride Toxicity: An In Vitro Investigation.
    Narasimhacharya, A.V.R.L., Krutika L. Bhole, Himanshi Bhatt
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 286-293
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  43. Analysis of Hygienic and Satisfaction Level of Restaurant Food in North Region.
    Hardeep Kaur, Tulika Mishra, Geetika Sharma, Sneh Lata
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 294-299
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  44. An Evaluation about the Effectiveness of Mid Day Meal Scheme to Reduce Malnutrition: A Comparative Study.
    Shailja Singh, Nisha Gupta
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 300-304
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  45. Short Communication

  46. Ultracision Harmonic Scalpel: A Boon for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.
    Jasleen Kaur Handa, Ashwin DP, Ashish Handa
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 305-307
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  47. Self-Efficacy and Satisfaction with Life amongst Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) Practicing and Non- Practicing Early Adults.
    Mishra Khushboo Ashokkumar, H. S. Asthana
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 308-312
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  48. Review Article

  49. Plasma Cell Stomatitis Associated With Khat (Catha Edulis) A Brief Review.
    Sadeq Ali Al-Maweri, Walid Ahmed Al-Soneidar, Ghadah Al-Sufyani, Saleem Abdulrab, Ziyad kamal mohammad, Amer Al Maqtari
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 313-318
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  50. Peri-Implantitis: An Upcoming Complication of Concern.
    Amit Mani, Ankita Dalvi, Shubhangi Mani, Raju Anarthe, Vipula Sharma
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 319-325
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  51. Biomechanics of TMJ and Its Clinical Relevance to Orthodontics: A Review.
    Ayush Jain, Munish Reddy, Pradeep Raghav, Shalu Jain, Gourav Popli, Sourabh Jindal
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 326-336
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  52. Meningiomas of Oral Cavity- A Review.
    Devu Aloka, S. K. Padmakumar, Sivakumar R, R. Rajeev
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 337-340
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  53. Maternal Protein Restriction Determines the Fate of the Fetus - A Review.
    A.Benno Susai Vijayakumar, M. Patrick Gomez
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 341-348
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  54. Scientific Analysis of Herbal Drugs for Management of Blepharitis.
    Pratibha Upadhyay
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 349-354
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  55. Ayurvedic Parasurgical Procedures Commonly Used in Female Reproductive Diseases.
    Kumar Ajay
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 355-359
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  56. Patient Satisfaction from Hospital Service Delivery - Review of approaches and methodologies.
    Shishir Basarkar, Mayank Saxena
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 360-367
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  57. Academic Stress, Anxiety, Remedial Measures Adopted and Its Satisfaction among Medical Students: A Systematic Review.
    Bhawna Sharma, Ajesh Kumar, Jyoti Sarin
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 368-376
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  58. Impact of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) on Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms among Orthopaedic Patients: A Systematic Review.
    Anjula Kumari, Ajesh Kumar T.K, Uma Deaver
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 377-383
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  59. Case Report

  60. Neutral Zone Approach for Complete Denture Fabrication: A Case Report.
    Ranjan Kumar, Rajesh Khan
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 384-388
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  61. Detachable Magnet Retained Cheek Plumpers To Enhance Complete Denture Esthetics - A Case Report.
    Muneet Kaur Marwah, K.Harshakumar, R.Ravichandran, S.Lylajam
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 389-393
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  62. Restoration of Severely Mutilated Primary Anterior Using Pre-Fabricated Post: A Case Report.
    Rajavardhan K, M. G. Manoj Kumar, A. J. Sai Sankar, Siva Sai Krishna V
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 394-398
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  63. Ruptured Sinus of Valsalva Aneurysm and Bicuspid Aortic Valve with Coarctation of Aorta in Young Male.
    Tejas D Shah, Ramanath L Kamath, Padmanabh K Kamath, Narasimha D Pai, M.N.Bhat
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 399-402
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  64. Iatrogenic Cushing’s Syndrome Due to Misuse of Topical Steroids.
    Amer O. Al-Ali, Sultan A. Jafaari, Ahmed A Alhazmi, Mohammad Abdulrazzaque, Nasir A.M. Al Jurayyan
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 403-405
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  65. Clomiphene Citrate Induced Maculopathy.
    Kalpana Mali, Manoj Vasudevan, C.Charanya Siddharam Janti
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 406-409
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  66. Unusual Bleeding From Scrotal Skin - A Case Report with Review of Literature.
    Afzal Anees, Kaushal Deep Singh, Shehtaj Khan, Rahil Rafiq
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 410-414
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  67. An Extremely Rare Case of Recurrent Scrotal (Dartoic) Leiomyoma.
    Vikas D. Matai
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 415-418
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  68. Airway Management in a Giant Neonatal Cervical Teratoma by OOPS (Operation on Placental Support) Procedure.
    A.Chakravarti, Indu Shukla, Vishaka Bettadahalli, Kalpana Mehan
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 419-421
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  69. Infected Warthin Tumor: Complicated with Acute Facial Nerve Paralysis.
    Sin Wee Lim, Boon Chin Te, Wan Emelda Wan Mohamad
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 422-425
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  70. Primary Parotid Gland Lymphoma Presented as Painless Mass Diagnosed on Cytology.
    Sunil Vitthalrao Jagtap, Wasim M. Khatib, Pankti M. Patel, Neerav Saini, Swati S Jagtap
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 426-428
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  71. Placenta Accreta: A Silent Killer.
    Deesha Bhemat, Reeta Dhar, Shilpi Sahu, Avni Gupta, Urshlla Kau
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 429-431
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  72. Eumycetoma - A Rare Case Report in Present ERA.
    Anubhav Abinash Sahu, Biswaprakash Patri, Sunil Agarwal, Prasanna Kumar Satpathy, Raghumani Mohanty
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 432-434
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext

  73. Above Knee Amputation (AKA) Rehabilitation.
    Abdul Karim S. Al-Humaid, Mohammad Al-Khaldi, Mohanad Al-Taimani, Saad M. Al-Qahtani
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 435-440
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext


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