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Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science
Periodical of GESDAV
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ISSN: 2146-8389 (Print)
Language: [ English ]  
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  » Volume 3, Issue 2
      pp. 83-159
  » Volume 3, Issue 1
      pp. 1-82

 Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. Year: 2014, Volume: 3, Issue: 2

    Original Article

  1. Absence of attenuation in oxidative stress response with repeated lipid-rich feedings
    Innocence I. Harvey, Sang-Rok Lee, Trint A. Gunnels, JohnHenry M. Schriefer, Richard J. Bloomer
    Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. 2014; 3(2): 83-90
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/oams.170414.or.062

  2. Lipid peroxidation-inhibitory effects of perioperatively used drugs associated with their membrane interactions
    Hironori Tsuchiya
    Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. 2014; 3(2): 91-98
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/oams.020414.or.061

  3. Antiretroviral concentration, redox indexes and progression markers in HIV-infected patient’s blood samples follow-up during six month
    Rosario G. Hernandez, Ivon G. Blanco, Alicia T. Reyes, Daniel P. Correa, Dayme H. Requejo, Yusimit B. Alfonso, Lizette G. del Valle, Olga S. L. Fernandez
    Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. 2014; 3(2): 99-108
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/oams.210314.or.060

  4. Hepato-renal damage and oxidative stress associated with pirimiphos-methyl exposure in male mice
    Tarek M. Heikal, Abdel-Tawab H. Mossa, Azza W. Ibrahim, Hala F. Abdel-Hamid
    Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. 2014; 3(2): 109-117
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/oams.260514.or.064

  5. Ascorbic acid is essential for significant collagen deposition by human tenocytes in vitro
    Osnat Hakimi, Raewyn Poulson, Dipti Thakkar, Clarence Yapp, Andrew Carr
    Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. 2014; 3(2): 119-127
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/oams.030514.or.063

  6. Effect of aspartame on lipid peroxidation and membrane bound enzymes in immune organs of rats
    Arbind Kumar Choudhary, Rathinasamy Sheeladevi
    Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. 2014; 3(2): 129-134
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/oams.300514.or.065

  7. Effect of embelin in middle cerebral artery occlusion-induced focal cerebral ischemia in rats
    Roshni Satishkumar Patel, Priyanshee Gohil
    Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. 2014; 3(2): 135-139
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/oams.020714.or.068

  8. Cytotoxic and antioxidant activities of catechins in inhibiting the malignancy of breast cancer
    Endang Evacuasiany, Hana Ratnawati, Laella K. Liana, Wahyu Widowati, Maesaroh Maesaroh, Tjandrawati Mozef, Chandra Risdian
    Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. 2014; 3(2): 141-146
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/oams.240614.or.066

  9. Effect of green tea extract and epigallocatechin-3-gallate potency on lipid profile and coronary artery morphology of dyslipidemic rats
    Wahyu Widowati, Hana Ratnawati, Roro Wahyudianingsih, Yelliantty Yelliantty, Maesaroh Maesaroh, Dwiyati Pujimulyani, Tjandrawati Mozef
    Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. 2014; 3(2): 147-152
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/oams.020714.or.067

  10. The effect of obesity on total antioxidant/oxidant status and oxidative stress index in patients with chronic periodontitis
    Oguz Kose, Varol Canakci, Cenk Fatih Canakci, Abdulkadir Yildirim, Eda Kermen, Taner Arabaci, Adem Gungor
    Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. 2014; 3(2): 153-159
    » Abstract » PDF Fulltext» doi: 10.5455/oams.040714.or.069


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