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  1. Ascorbic acid is essential for significant collagen deposition by human tenocytes in vitro
    Osnat Hakimi, Raewyn Poulson, Dipti Thakkar, Clarence Yapp, Andrew Carr
    Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. 2014; 3(2): 119-127.
  2. A Rare Case of Uremic Stomatitis in 8 Month Old Bunaji Bull Calf
    Kaltungo Bilkisu Yunusa, Babashani Mohammed, Andrew Austin, Andrew Austin, Usman Bala, Omeje Jude Nduaka,Tenuche Oremeyi, Akinbobola Jones, Okaiyeto Solomon Olu
    Int. J. Livest. Res.. 2016; 6(9): 73-78.
  3. Integrative veterinary medical education and consensus guidelines for an integrative veterinary medicine curriculum within veterinary colleges
    M.A. Memon; J. Shmalberg; H.S. Adair III; S. Allweiler; J.N. Bryan; S. Cantwell; E. Carr; C. Chrisman; C.M. Egger; S. Greene; K.K. Haussler; B. Hershey; G.R. Holyoak; M. Johnson; S. Le Jeune; A. Looney; R.S. McConnico; C. Medina; A.J. Morton; A. Munsterman; G.J. Nie; N. Park; M. Parsons-Doherty; J.A. Perdrizet; J.L. Peyton; D. Raditic; H.P. Ramirez; J. Saik; S. Robertson; M. Sleeper; J. Van Dyke; J. Wakshlag
    Open Vet J. 2016; 6(1): 44-56.
  4. Skin advanced glycation end products (AGEs), RAGE and Glyoxalase-I (GLO-I) are associated with diabetic neuropathy in patients with type 1 diabetes.
    Ahmed Alahmar, Ioannis Petropoulos, Maryam Ferdousi, Wendy Jones, Hassan Fadavi, Shazli Azmi, Uazman Alam, Omar Asghar, Aisha Meskiri, Ahmad Kheyami, Georgios Ponirakis, Andrew Marshall, Andrew J. M. Boulton, Mitra Tavakoli, Maria Jeziorska, Rayaz A. Malik
    Natl J Med Res. 2016; 6(2): 111-118.
  5. Almanac 2011: Heart Failure. The National Society Journals Present Selected Research that has Driven Recent Advances in Clinical Cardiology
    Andrew L. Clark
    Mater Sociomed. 2011; 23(3): 139-146.
    Andrew O. Obiajulu, Makodi Biereenu-Nnabugwu
    IJCRR. 2016; 8(16): 09-13.
  7. Secondary sinusitis in a 7-year-old Part-Barb mare
    WP Mshelia, II Onoja, A Andrew, Q Oparah & M Isiyaku
    Sokoto J. Vet. Sci.. 2008; 7(2): 49-51.
  8. Sleep and the common cold
    Andrew Paul Smith
    J Behav Health. 2012; 1(2): 114-117.
  9. Transfer of Knowledge in Controlling Disease Outbreaks
    E Andrew Balas, Tsigeweini A Tessema, Peter Elkin
    Acta Inform Med. 2009; 17(1): 4-14.
  10. The Brand Immortal: How Communication Keeps Brands Alive
    Paul Andrew Lucas
    . 2014; 70(1): 70-84.
  11. Chronic Diseases, Self-Rated Health Status, Health Care Utilization and Health Insurance Status of Males in a Caribbean nation
    Paul Andrew Bourne
    J Behav Health. 2013; 2(1): 66-78.
  12. Variations in Health, Illness and Health Care-Seeking Behaviour of Those in the Upper Social Hierarchies in a Caribbean Society
    Paul Andrew Bourne
    TAF Prev Med Bull. 2013; 12(4): 425-436.
  13. Brucellosis outbreak in a flock of seventeen sheep in Zaria
    II Onoja, AJ Ajani, WP Mshelia, A Andrew, AB Ogunkoya, CR Achi & KW Sambo
    Sokoto J. Vet. Sci.. 2008; 7(2): 58-60.
  14. Murder and ill-health: A health crime phenomenon
    Paul Andrew Bourne
    J Behav Health. 2012; 1(2): 138-146.
  15. An Unreported Etiology for Couvelaire Uterus
    Paulina Osial, Andrew L. Atkinson, Douglas Sherlock, David Moskowitz
    SEAJCRR. 2013; 2(4): 244-248.
  16. Severe horn-gore injury in a 5-year-old Bunaji bull and a 10-month-old Yankasa ram-lamb: Case report
    II Onoja, WP Mshelia, B Usman, A Andrew, WK Sambo, ST Muhammad, BO Ocheja & DE Awai
    Sokoto J. Vet. Sci.. 2011; 9(1): 43-45.
    Vom J. Vet. Sci.. 2012; 9(1): 71-76.
    Vom J. Vet. Sci.. 2012; 9(1): 77-82.
  19. Wellbeing and correlates of wellbeing: Using Maslow’s 5 Needs Hierarchy to evaluate wellbeing
    Paul Andrew Bourne, Cynthia Francis
    J Behav Health. 2013; 2(3): 269-278.
  20. Under-five mortality, health and selected macroeconomic variables: The children behind the digits
    Paul Andrew Bourne, Ikhalfani Solan
    J Behav Health. 2012; 1(3): 217-226.
    Nagui H. Fares, Moushira E. Zaki, Wafaa A. Kandeel, Andrew T. Chamberlain, Walaa A. Basha
    Egypt. J. Exp. Biol. (Zoo.). 2015; 11(2): 143-149.
  22. Trace amines and their relevance to psychiatry and neurology: a brief overview
    Deepak Narang, Sara Tomlinson, Andrew Holt, Darrell D. Mousseau, Glen B. Baker, DSc, FCAHS
  23. Association of Helicobacter Pylori VacA Gene Polymorphisms and CagA Gene with Clinical Outcome in Dyspeptic Patients.
    Lawrence Guantai M’itonga, Andrew Nyerere Kimanga, Caroline Wangari Ngugi, Thomas M. Mutie
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(9): 436-444.
  24. Brain and Lenses of the Eyes Doses from Head Computed Tomography: A Study of Selected Computed Tomography Centres in Enugu, Enugu State, Southeast and Nigeria.
    Chiegwu Hyacienth U, Enweani Ifeoma B, Ogbu Sylvester O. I, Onyema Andrew E, Ugwuanyi Daniel C, Eze Joseph C
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(12): 133-138.
  25. Health, Social Inequalities and Food Expenditure: The implications of the economic and financial crises
    Paul Andrew Bourne
    J Behav Health. 2013; 2(2): 173-188.
  26. Knowledge, Attitude, Practices and Readiness among University Science Students toward Non-Remunerated Blood Donation in a Middle-Income Developing Country
    Paul Andrew Bourne, Sonia Richards, Desmalee Holder-Nevins
    TAF Prev Med Bull. 2013; 12(5): 529-538.
  27. S100A8/A9: A Mediator of Neutrophilic Airway Inflammation, Airway Hyperresponsiveness and Biomarker of Severe Asthma.
    Oluwaseun O Ojo, Thomas Vogl, Sujata Basu, Behzad Yaganeh, Saeid Ghavami, Johannes Roth and Andrew J Halayko.
    Ann Paediatr Rheum. 2012; 1(4): 12-12.
  28. Factors that influence Quality of Life of Police Officers: Using Maslow 5-Need Construct
    Paul Andrew Bourne, Sygree Drysdale
    J Behav Health. 2013; 2(2): 140-150.
  29. Benefits of Lutein and Zeaxanthin Intake in Patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Cataracts
    Andrew Rothermel, Mikhail A. Kutuzov
    J. Phys. Pharm. Adv.. 2015; 5(5): 634-637.
  30. Gender, Health, Poverty and Non-rent Payers in a Developing Country: The Human Face behind the Economic and Financial Crisis
    Paul Andrew Bourne, Desmond Brooks
    TAF Prev Med Bull. 2013; 12(4): 393-408.
  31. A Comparative Analysis of Psychosocial Determinants of Self-rated Wellbeing for Elderly Citizens and Young Adults: Factor Differentials
    Paul Andrew Bourne, Charlene Sharpe-Pryce, Angela Hudson Davis, Ikhalfani Solan
    J Behav Health. 2014; 3(2): 128-137.
  32. A study evaluating knowledge, attitude and practices of practitioners in the medicine department of tertiary care teaching rural hospital with respect to antihypertensives
    Jatin Patel, Andrew Mark, Sanjay K. Date
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2015; 3(3): 715-717.
  33. Health providers opinions on the utility of the HPV vaccination-Are guidelines being Followed?
    Douglas Sherlock, Andrew L Atkinson, Mark G Martens
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2013; 2(4): 916-919.
  34. Is smoking cessation counselling effective in the OB/GYN office? A prospective study
    Andrew L Atkinson, Douglas Sherlock
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2013; 2(3): 558-561.
  35. Hair Disorders and Health Discourse of Black Police Women: A New Public Health Challenge in the 21st Century.
    Paul Andrew Bourne, Charlene Sharpe-Pryce, Ikhalfani Solan, Cynthia Francis, Jannine Campbell-Smith, Angela Hudson-Davis, Olive Watson-Coleman
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(4): 133-145.
  36. A 19 year old with heavy vaginal bleeding; unlikely diagnosis of uterine carcinsarcoma
    Andrew L. Atkinson, Paulina Osial, Michael Manuel
    Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol. 2013; 2(2): 221-223.
  37. Drug utilization pattern of analgesics in various departments of a tertiary care teaching rural dental hospital
    Nirav N. Patel, Sunil Soitawala, Andrew Mark, Haresh Desai
    Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol. 2014; 3(5): 804-806.
  38. Hypertensive patients: knowledge, Self-care management practices and challenges
    Verna Eugene, Paul Andrew Bourne
    J Behav Health. 2013; 2(3): 259-268.
  39. The role of health status and other variables on social networks among late adult men
    Paul Andrew Bourne, C. Morris, Jannine Campbell-Smith, Gillian Heaven
    J Behav Health. 2013; 2(4): 343-352.
  40. Serological Evidence of Infectious Bronchitis Virus among Some Poultry Species in Maiduguri, Nigeria
    Shettima Y.M., El-Yuguda A.D., Zanna M.Y., Abubakar M.B., Hamisu T.M., Maina M.M., Andrew A., Hambali I.U., Baba S.S.
    Alexandria J Vet Sci. 2016; 51(1): 135-139.
  41. Effect of extrusion temperature, moisture content and screw speed on the functional properties of aquaculture balanced feed
    J. Rodríguez-Miranda, C. A. Gomez-Aldapa, J. Castro-Rosas, B. Ramírez-Wong, M. A. Vivar-Vera, I. Morales-Rosas, H. Medrano-Roldan, E. Delgado
    Emir. J. Food Agric. 2014; 26(8): 659-671.
  42. Production of a Healthy Farm-Born Calf by Modified Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
    Andrew W Taylor-Robinson, Simon Walton, Gábor Vajta
    Int. J. Livest. Res.. 2014; 4(2): 99-104.
  43. Comparison of Skinning versus Scalding and Singeing: Effect on Temperature, pH and Meat Quality in Goats
    Andrew. Babatunde Omojola, Stanley Ebunoluwa Apata,Fagbuaro S Sunday
    J. Anim. Sci. Adv.,. 2012; 2(9): 740-748.
  44. Operator Duals of Vector Sequence Spaces
    K. B. Gupta1* and Ashfaque A. Ansari2
    . 2011; 3(7): 95-99.
  45. ?-Duals of Some Double Sequence Spaces
    K. B. Gupta1* and Ashfaque A. Ansari2
    . 2012; 3(1): 20-23.
  46. Almost ?-duals of some sequence spaces
    K. B. Gupta1* and Ashfaque A. Ansari2
    . 2012; 4(9): 01-04.
  47. Objectively-Measured Sedentary Behavior with Sleep Duration and Daytime Sleepiness Among U.S. Adults
    Paul D. Loprinzi, Colleen Nalley, Andrew Selk
    J Behav Health. 2014; 3(2): 141-144.
  48. Nutritive Value and Potential of Aquatic Plant (Nephrolepsis Biserrata -Schott) as Feed Resource for Small Ruminant
    Andrew Babatunde Omojola, Ugochi Uzoho and Fagbuaro S.S.
    J. Anim. Sci. Adv.,. 2012; 2(9): 749-754.
  49. Nutritive and organoleptic characteristics of Kilishi as affected by meat type and ingredient formulation
    Olubunmi Olufemi Olusola, Ademola O Okubanjo, Andrew Babatunde Omojola
    J. Anim. Prod. Adv.. 2012; 2(5): 221-232.
  50. Retrospective Studies of Marek’s Disease Diagnosed in Some Towns in Nigeria, 2000 - 2009.
    Jwander Luka Daba, Abdu Paul Ayuba, Ibrahim Najume Doguwar-Giginya, Nok Andrew Jonatha
    J. Vet. Adv.,. 2013; 3(7): 203-210.
  51. The effect of friendship groups on children’s physical activity: An experimental study.
    Gabriel J Sanders, Corey A Peacock, Megan Williamson, Kayla Wilson, Andrew Carnes, Jacob E Barkley
    J Behav Health. 2014; 3(2): 95-100.
  52. The Epidemic of Non-communicable Diseases in Jamaica: Monsters Awoken from Lifestyle Practices
    Paul Andrew Bourne, Cynthia Francis, Charlene Sharpe-Pryce, Angela Hudson Davis, Angela Hudson Davis, Ikhalfani Solan
    Int J Med Res. 2014; 2(2): 33-44.
  53. Comparative Study of Genotoxicity of Silver and Gold Nanoparticles Prepared by the Electric Spark Dispersion Method
    Evgenii Plotnikov; Sergey Zhuravkov; Andrew Gapeyev; Vladimir Plotnikov; Irina Martemianova; Dmitrii Martemianov
    J App Pharm Sci. 2017; 7(7): 35-39.
  54. The awakening of a physician by an 8 year old
    Jonathan D. Baum, Andrew L. Atkinson
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2014; 2(1): 68-70.
  55. Resident individual interactive instruction preferences and activities
    Andrew Grock, Adam Aluisio, Jay Khadpe
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2015; 3(4): 177-180.
  56. Devaluation in the Exchange Rate and its influence on murder in a developing nation: A new public health focus arising from economics
    Paul Andrew Bourne, Ikhalfani Solan, Charlene Sharpe-Pryce, Segree Drysdale, Machel Fearon
    J Behav Health. 2012; 1(4): 269-278.
  57. Rational medication use review: a quality assurance/improvement process for HIV/AIDS treatment programme
    Henry Fomundam, Andrew Maranga, Abraham Tesfay, Lucia Chanetsa, Vieira Muzola, Nkurabagaya Thierry, Henry Kunda Kambafwile
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2015; 3(2): 383-390.
  58. Health, violent crimes, murder and inflation: public health phenomena
    Paul Andrew Bourne, Ikhalfani Solan
    J Behav Health. 2012; 1(1): 59-65.
  59. Association of socioeconomic status with sex ratio at live birth in individuals living in the slums of Sholapur city, India
    Anand S Ahankari, Andrew W Fogarty
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2015; 4(1): 129-133.
  60. Modulation of the antioxidant status of the hearts and brains of genetically modified hypercholesterolemic mice overproducing HDL cholesterol following acute bitter yam supplementation
    Dewayne Stennett, Frederick Oladeinde, Andrew Wheatley, Lowell Dilworth, Joseph Bryant, Helen Asemota
    Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. 2013; 2(1): 11-19.
  61. Recurrent Inflammatory Chondritis Following Ear Piercings
    Sarah E. Strandjord, Sara Akhtar, Blanca E. Gonzalez, Sangeeta Krishna, Andrew S. Zeft
    Ann Paediatr Rheum. 2014; 3(2): 96-99.
  62. Carcass characteristics and meat attributes of pigeon (Columbia Livia) pas influenced by strain and sex
    Andrew Babatunde Omojola, Mani A Isa, M Jibir
    J. Anim. Sci. Adv.,. 2012; 2(5): 475-480.
  63. Management of Atresia Ani with Concurrent Hypospadias and Penile Aplasia in a 3-Day-Old Calf
    Andrew Malata Phiri, Martha Sakala, Jackson Soko
    Int. J. Livest. Res.. 2016; 6(1): 98-103.
  64. A Five Year Retrospective Study of Bovine Tuberculosis Granulomatous Lesions in Slaughtered Cattle in Adamawa State, Nigeria
    Samaila Danbirni, Shedrach Benjamen Pewan, Israel Ikanni Onoja, James Andrew Ababa, Solomon Olu Okaiyeto
    J. Vet. Adv.,. 2013; 3(12): 313-318.
  65. Inhibition of Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Activity by O, O-Dimethyl- and 4-O- Methyl- Alpinumisoflavones
    Augustine Ocloo; Robert Kingsford-Adaboh; Andrew J. Murray
    J App Pharm Sci. 2017; 7(3): 95-100.
  66. Sweating and thirst perception in premenopausal, perimenopausal and postmenopausal women during moderate exercise
    Emmanuel Amabebe, Sonia I. Omorodion, Janet O. Ozoene, Andrew C. Ugwu, Leonard F. Obika
    J Exp Integr Med. 2013; 3(4): 279-284.
  67. CBPP: Pastoralist Perception Survey on the Problems Associated with T1/44 Vaccine Administration in Abuja, Nigeria
    Akinbobola J. Soladoye, Omeje J. Nduka, Akinbobola R. Ifeoluwapo Ayoade, Adamu Andrew, Okaiyeto S. Oluwole
    Alexandria J Vet Sci. 2016; 51(1): 78-83.
  68. Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori-related dyspepsia using a near-patient testing method in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
    Andrew A. Bock-Oruma, Paul O. Dienye, Alex B. Akani, Nnenna O. Nnadi, Rachel A. Idika
    TJFMPC. 2013; 7(2): 29-34.
  69. In vitro Screening for Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B and Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV Inhibitors from Nigerian Medicinal Plants
    Yusuf Saidu; Suleiman Alhaji Muhammad; Abdullahi Abbas Yahaya; Andrew Onu; Ibrahim Tsado Mohammed; Luba Muhammad
    J Intercult Ethnopharmacol. 2017; 6(2): 154-157.
  70. Thin corpus callosum as a diagnostic marker for hereditary spastic paraparesis due to mutations in the SPG11 gene: a case report
    Archana Murugan; Andrew Ashok Mallick; Laraine Dibble; Mohamed Osman Eltahir Babiker
    . 2017; 1(3): 122-125.
  71. Ultrasonographic Determination of Gestational Age in Yankasa Ewes
    James A. A., Echiobi E. G., Chom N. D., Fadason S. T. and Andrew A.
    J. Vet. Adv.,. 2015; 5(11): 1169-1175.
  72. Effects of Sex, Breed and Season on Birth Weight of Kids and Effect of Season on Kid Mortality in South Eastern Nigeria
    Anthonia Ijeoma Ukanwoko, Anthonia Ijeoma Ukanwoko, John Ibeawuchi, Andrew Okeigbo
    J. Anim. Prod. Adv.. 2012; 2(11): 469-472.
    Christopher Rusling, Kimberley L Edwards, Archan Bhattacharya, Adam Reed, Stuart Irwin, Andrew Boles, Alex Potts, Lisa Hodgson
    Prog Orthop Sci. 2015; 1(2): 41-46.
  74. Seroprevalence of chicken infectious anemia virus infection among some poultry species in Maiduguri, Nigeria
    Yasheruram Muhammad Shettima; Abdul-Dahiru El-Yuguda; Daniel Oladimeji Oluwayelu; Mustapha Bala Abubakar; Tasiu Mallam Hamisu; Mohammed Yusuf Zanna; Meshach maunta Maina; Ali Andrew; Saka Saheed Baba
    J Adv Vet Anim Res. 2017; 4(4): 385-389.

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