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  1. Epithelioid Haemangioendothelioma with Actin+/Cytokeratin+ Myoblast-Like Cells: Report of a Case
    Michal Zamecnik
    Journal of Interdisciplinary Histopathology. 2016; 4(3): 79-82.
  2. Molecular studies of forage prickly-pear cactus from the semiarid of Pernambuco State-Brazil
    M. C. C. P. deLyra, M. L. R. B. daSilva, A. C. E. S Mergulhao, C. Mondragon-Jacobo, E. Martinez-Romero
    Journal of Applied Biology & Biotechnology. 2015; 3(2): 001-005.
  3. Needs Assessment Competencies: Are They Important for Extension Educators?
    Nav R. Ghimire, Robert A. Martin
    International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development. 2011; 1(3): 139-155.
  4. A study of lumbarisation of first sacral vertebra among the South Indians
    Deepa TK, Martin K John
    International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences. 2014; 3(1): 1-4.
  5. Pharmacopsychosocial Treatment of Opioid Dependence: Harm Reduction, Palliation, or Simply Good Medical Practice?
    Peter R. Martin, A.J. Reid Finlayson
    Düţünen Adam: The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences. 2012; 25(1): 1-7.
  6. From social neurons to social cognition: implications for schizophrenia research
    Martin Brüne, Andreas Ebert
    Düţünen Adam: The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences. 2011; 24(1): 58-68.
    Martin Orlinov Kanev, Elvan Bakar
  8. Emerging behavioral and psychotherapeutic interventions for schizophrenia
    Brian F. O’Donnell, Ashley M. Schnakenberg Martin
    Düţünen Adam: The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences. 2016; 29(3): 189-201.
  9. Information, Rationality, and Free Choice in a Future Democratic Society
    Martin SHUBIK, [Trans./Çev. Nadir EROĐLU]
    Ekonomik Yaklasim. 1997; 8(24): 183-191.
  10. Teaching Methods and Tools Used In Food Safety Extension Education Programs in the North Central Region of the United States
    Vikram Swaroop Chandra Koundinya and Robert A. Martin
    International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development. 2011; 1(3): 157-167.
  11. Pre-operative dextrose infusion to diminish Post-operative stress and recovery in elective canine ovariohysterectomy - Evaluation of a novel approach
    Laiju Philip, M., Devanand, C. B., John Martin, K. D. and Sarada Amma, T.
    Veterinary World. 2010; 3(2): 88-89.
  12. Clinical manifestations of non-typhoid Salmonella bacteremia in southern Taiwan
    Tung-Lung Wu, Chuan-Chuan Hung, Chu-Li Tu, Yu-Wen Wang, Chien-Ming Chao
    Applied Medical Research. 2015; 1(4): 130-134.
    Ifeanyichukwu Martin Ositadinma, Osakue Stanley Ikponmwosa, Okeke Chizoba Okechukwu
    International Journal of Current Research and Review. 2015; 7(12): 24-30.
  14. Probiotic potential of thermotolerant lactic acid bacteria isolated from “Gari “a cassava-based African fermented food
    Bertrand Tatsinkou Fossi; Robert Ndjouenkeu
    Journal of Applied Biology & Biotechnology. 2017; 5(4): 1-5.
    Trajkova Sanja, Cevreska Lidija, Ivanovski Martin, Dukovski Dusko, Simjanovska-Popova Marija, Panovska-Stavridis Irina
    International Journal of Current Research and Review. 2013; 5(8): 63-68.
  16. Involuntary detention and compulsory treatment of non-adherent tuberculosis patients in Kenya: an ethical discourse
    Martin Ng'ang'a Muigano
    International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health. 2016; 3(9): 2677-2682.
  17. Inhibition of Mycobacterium smegmatis using near-IR and blue light
    J. Stephen Guffey, William C. Payne, Kyle A. Martin, Leslie N. James, Zhuoyuan Qian
    International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences. 2014; 2(1): 42-46.
  18. Agmatinase and human cationic amino acid transporter 1 in mood disorder: what´s under the microscope?
    Hans-Gert Bernstein, Kristin Jäger, Juliane Fiebig, Susann Wolf, Martin Wick, Henrik Dobrowolny, Johann Steiner, Bernhard Bogerts, Gregor Laube
    The Journal of Neurobehavioral Sciences. 2014; 1(3): 67-71.
  19. Antiprocathepsin D autoantibodies correlate with the stage of breast cancer
    Vaclav Vetvicka, Martin Fusek
    Journal of Molecular Pathophysiology. 2016; 5(1): 1-4.
  20. Antioxidative properties of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) and zucchini
    (Cucurbita pepo)

    Mijitaba Hamissou, Amanda C. Smith, Robert E. Carter Jr, Jimmy K. Triplett II
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 2013; 25(9): 641-647.
  21. Recommendations of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) on Education in Biomedical and Health Informatics - First Revision
    John Mantas, Elske Ammenwerth, George Demiris, Arie Hasman, Reinhold Haux, William Hersh, Evelyn Hovenga, K. C. Lun, Heimar Marin, Fernando Martin-Sanchez, Graham Wright
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2010; 18(1): 4-19.
  22. Action-grid: International Networking in Grid Computing and Biomedical Informatics Gonzalez, Yannick Legre, Vassilis Moustakis
    Josipa Kern, Kristina Fister, Mladen Petrovecki, Ozren Polasek, Ranko Stevanovic, Silvije Vuletic, Victor Maojo, Fernando Martin-Sanchez, George Potamias, Fernan Gonzalez Bernaldo de Quiros, Danilo
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2008; 16(3): 156-158.
  23. Public health and heavy metals in urban and periurban horticulture
    L. Giuffré*
    , R. I. Romaniuk, L. Marbán, R. P. Ríos and T. P. García Torres
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 2012; 24(2): 148-154.
  24. Influence of Body Composition on Sleep in People Who Exercise
    Ismael San Mauro Martín, Paulina Gudalewska, Licia de la Calle de la Rosa, Miguel González Fernández, Ana Megías Gamarra, Belén Miralles Rivera, M Ángeles Bonilla Navarro, Ana María Ruiz León, Esther Moraleda Ponzol, Elena Garicano Vilar
    Sleep and Hypnosis: A Journal of Clinical Neuroscience and Psychopathology. 2016; 18(1): 2-7.
  25. Health Behavior Change and Life Course: A Qualitative Study Using Focus-Groups
    Martin Loef, Elzbieta Dzigal-Mielnik, Harald Walach
    Journal of Behavioral Health. 2015; 4(1): 1-6.
  26. Prevalence of HIV, HBV and Chlamydia Infections in Cameroonian University Context: Case of the University Of Dschang, in the Western Region.
    Sanou Sobze Martin, Donfack Jean Hubert, Onohiol James-Francis, Mbongue Germaine, Watcho Pierre, Fokam Joseph, Nkamedjie Pete Patrick Martial, Djeunang Dongho Ghyslaine Bruna, Colizzi Vittorio, Russo Gianluca, Mpoame Mbida
    International Journal of Health Sciences and Research (IJHSR). 2015; 5(2): 265-273.
  27. Assessing the Thermo-Tolerance Potentials of Five Commercial Layer Chicken Genotypes Under Long-Term Heat Stress Environment as Measured by Their Performance Traits
    Aberra Melesse, Stefan Maak, Heinz Pingel, Gehard vonLengerken
    Journal of Animal Production Advances. 2013; 3(8): 254-264.
  28. Active Science® pilot study: promoting physical activity and science learning among children
    Kevin Finn, Zi Yan, Edward Martin, Kyle McInnis
    Journal of Behavioral Health. 2017; 6(1): 47-51.
  29. Crude ethanolic leaf extracts of Citropsis articulata: a potential phytomedicine for treatment of male erectile dysfunction associated with testosterone deficiency
    Patrick Vudriko, Martin K. Baru, John Kateregga, James G. Ndukui
    International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology. 2014; 3(1): 120-123.
  30. Cardiometabolic comorbidity in bipolar disorder
    Daniel Jonathan Martin, Daniel J Smith
    Düţünen Adam: The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences. 2013; 26(4): 315-319.
  31. Th e eff ect of a natural supplement versus tibolone on menopausal symptoms: A multi-center, doubleblind, non-inferiority randomized controlled trial
    Estefano Malaga Correa, Karen Hurtado Colorado, Ana Rita Gomes Carlos Leal; Lourdes Loyola, Cláudia Grandino Latorre Palma, Thiago Claudino Gomes Righetto, Francieli Silva Ruiz, Ines Gabriela Mesia, Eleana Acosta Zavala, Gloria-Beatrice Wintermann
    Journal of Contemporary Medical Education. 2014; 2(4): 242-251.
  32. Facility-based evaluation of under-fives with diarrhoea in Cross River State, Nigeria: a clinical audit
    Ekong E. Udoh, Friday A. Odey, Emmanuel E. Effa, Ekpereonne B. Esu, Martin M. Meremikwu
    International Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics. 2016; 3(4): 1173-1177.
  33. Bio-efficacy of medicinal plants used for the management of diabetes mellitus in Gabon. An ethnopharmacological approach
    Olga Pauline Tjeck; Alain Souza; Patrick Mickala; Alexis Nicaise Lepengue; Bertrand M'Batchi
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2017; 6(2): 206-217.
  34. Topically Applied Tetrapleura tetraptera Stem-Bark Extract Promotes Healing of Excision and Incision Wounds in Rats
    David Emery Tsala, Solomon Habtemariam, Foyet Harquin Simplice, Martin Thierry Bella Ndzana, Abraham Abraham Jital, Theophile Dimo
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2014; 3(2): 63-67.
  35. The associations between endogenous oxytocin levels and emotion recognition in bipolar disorder
    Cumhur Taţ, Elliot C. Brown Ece Onur, Ömer Aydemir, Martin Brune
    Klinik Psikofarmakoloji Bulteni-Bulletin of Clinical Psychopharmacology. 2015; 25(1): 19-26.
  36. Morphological Characteristics of Indigenous Goats in the Coastal Savannah and Forest Eco-Zones of Ghana
    Julius Kofi Hagan, Samuel Obeng Apori, Martin Bosompem, Ankobea Grace, Asempa Mawuli
    Journal of Animal Science Advances. 2012; 2(10): 813-821.
  37. Evaluation of Myc Gene Amplification in Prostate Cancer Using a Dual Color Chromogenic in-Situ Hybridization (Dual CISH) Assay
    Daniel Lerda, Marta Cabrera, Jorge Flores, Luis Gutierrez, Armando Chierichetti, Martin Revol, Hernan Garcia Önto
    Journal of Interdisciplinary Histopathology. 2013; 1(2): 81-84.
  38. Combined 624-nm and 850-nm illumination at low rates leads to enhanced inhibition of Candida albicans
    J. Stephen Guffey, William C. Payne, Zhuoyuan Qian, Kyle A. Martin, Leslie N. James, Carly M. Dodson
    International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences. 2013; 1(4): 333-337.
  39. In vitro anthelmintic activity of aqueous extract of Crassocephalum crepidioides (Benth.) S. Moore on Haemonchus contortus.
    Calvin Zangueu Bogning, Abiodoun Pascal Oloulade, Georcelin Goue Alowanou, Edwige Laure Nguemfo, Anatole Guy Blaise Azebaze, Alain Bertrand Dongmo, Sylvie Hounzangbe-Adote
    Journal of Experimental and Integrative Medicine. 2016; 6(1): 31-37.
  40. Anthelmintic Properties of Pterocarpus Erinaceus from Benin Pharmacopeia on Haemonchus Contortus, an Internal Parasite of Ruminants
    Tiropa Francis CHABI CHINA, Pascal Abiodoun OLOUNLADE, Erick Virgyle Bertrand AZANDO, Sylvie Eliane HOUNZANGBE-ADOTE andand Sahidou SALIFOU
    Journal of Animal Production Advances. 2014; 4(4): 368-373.
  41. “I really thought nothing could be done”: help-seeking behaviour among women with urinary incontinence
    Martina Jürgensen, Susanne Elsner, Louise Schreiber Pedersen, Jessica Lückert, Elke Faust, Martin Rudnicki, Annika Waldmann
    International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences. 2015; 3(4): 826-835.
  42. Analysis of constituents in different Fractions collected during distillation of Cardamom oil for flavour and fragrance applications.
    Biju K Mani; Vinuthaa Murthy; Martin Boland; Kwang Yee
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 7(1): 177-183.
  43. Beyond our labour pains: women experiences of informal payments and delivery room conditions at birth in the Bongo district of Ghana
    Martin Amogre Ayanore, Robert Kuganab-lem, Paul Armah Aryee
    International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health. 2016; 3(7): 1695-1706.
  44. Effect of Tephrosia vogelii Hook.f. Leave Extracts on the Isolated Heart of Toad : Hypothesis of the Mechanism of Action.
    B. Ibrahim, Christiane Atteke–Nkoulémbéné, Hortence Mounzéo, Steeve Mounguengui, Bertrand M´batchi
    Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology Advances. 2014; 4(11): 478-488.
  45. Colo-colonic intussusception based on giant cecal leiomyoma
    Jose Luis Beristain-Hernandez, Mario Eduardo Torres-Olalde, Martin Rojano-Rodriguez, Cesar David Quiroz-Guadarrama, Elisafat Arce-Lievano, Rodrigo Muńoz-Gutierrez, Sujey Romero-Loera, Mucio Moreno-Portillo
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2016; 5(3): 177-179.
  46. Pyogenic Sacroiliitis in Young Children: a Difficult Diagnosis in One Case
    Zavier Cossi ZOMALHETO, Michel Fiogbé,Patricia YEKPE, Marcelle GOUNONGBE, Martin AVIMADJE
    Annals of Paediatric Rheumatology. 2012; 1(4): 237-239.
  47. Disseminated Mycobacterium scrofulaceum infection in a patient with lymphoma
    Yu-Wen Wang, Chuan-Chuan Hung, Chi-Chou Tseng, Ping-Jen Chen, Chien-Ming Chao
    Applied Medical Research. 2015; 1(2): 84-86.
  48. Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis, Erythema Nodosum and Large Cervical Lymphadenopathy Associated with Bartonella Henselae Infection in an Adolescent
    Sara Guillen Martin, Luis Prieto Tato, Marta Ruiz JImenez, Ana Alvarez Garcia, Isabel Garcia Bermejo, José Tomás Ramos Amador
    Annals of Paediatric Rheumatology. 2013; 2(4): 161-164.
  49. Evaluation of the antioxidant activity and the healing action of the ethanol extract of Calotropis procera bark against surgical wounds
    David Emery Tsala, Nga Nnanga, Martin Thiery Bella Ndzana, Bienvenue Therese Mballa, Theophile Dimo
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2015; 4(1): 64-69.
  50. Preliminary safety assessment of Eudragit® polymers nanoparticles administration in the rat brain
    Mosaad A. Abdel-Wahhab; Olivier Joubert; Yasser A. Khadrawy; Ramia Safar; Aziza A. El-Nekeety; Carole Ronzani; Hussein G. Sawie; Nabila S. Hassan; Luc Ferrari; Bertrand H. Rihn
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2017; 7(7): 176-185.
  51. Acne as a Potential Adverse Effect of Duloxetine.
    Martin A. Katzman, Melissa Furtado, Leena Anand
    Klinik Psikofarmakoloji Bulteni-Bulletin of Clinical Psychopharmacology. 2014; 24(4): 408-10.
  52. The Effect of Low-Dose Tacrolimus on Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Regeneration in Pigs: A Pilot Study
    Edward C Toll, Pamela J Murison, Alan Jones, Paul J Kingham, Tina Sedaghati, Alexander M Seifalian, Martin A Birchall
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2014; 3(2): 78-86.
  53. Physical improvements after core and stability training performed in groups of people with MS in comparison to progressive resistance training.
    Christoph Jolk, Ray Alcantara, Lydia Bernhardt, Nani Osada, Petra Platen, Martin Marziniak
    International Journal of Therapies and Rehabilitation Research. 2015; 4(4): 150-163.
  54. Resection of Deep Brain Stem Lesions: Evolution of Modern Surgical Techniques
    Salman Abbasi Fard, Nimer Adeeb, Mona Rezaei, Babak Kateb, Martin M. Mortazavi
    The Journal of Neurobehavioral Sciences. 2016; 3(1): 29-31.
  55. Vaginoscopy during Various Stages of Cabergoline-induced Oestrus in Anoestrous Dogs
    Ajitkumar G., John Martin K. D. , Narayanan M. K. , Rajan Kutty K. , Syam Venugopal K., Alex P. C. , Sreekumaran T.
    International Journal for Agro Veterinary and Medical Sciences. 2012; 6(2): 143-147.
  56. Substrate volume and nursery times for earliness and yield of greenhouse tomato
    Gabino Alberto Martínez-Gutiérrez, Isidro Morales, Teodulfo Aquino-Bolańos, Cirenio Escamirosa-Tinoco, Martín Hernández-Tolentino
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 2016; 28(12): 897-902.
  57. Agricultural practices and geostatistical evaluation of nitrate pollution of groundwater in the Júcar River Basin District, Spain
    David Ferreira, José António Almeida, Maria Simőes, Miguel Pérez-Martin
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 2016; 28(6): 415-424.
  58. Characterization of the Blood Brain Barrier in Pediatric Central Nervous System Neoplasms
    Christopher S Hong, Winson Ho, Martin G Piazza, Abhik Ray-Chaudhury, Zhengping Zhuang, John D Heiss
    Journal of Interdisciplinary Histopathology. 2016; 4(2): 29-33.
  59. Test purchase of new synthetic tryptamines via the Internet: Identity check by GC-MS and separation by HPLC
    Magdalena Taschwer, Edith Ebner, Martin G Schmid
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(1): 028-034.
  60. Open Fracture Wound Infections Caused by Aeromonas species
    Tung-Lung Wu, Chung-Da Wu, Chung-Hsing Yu, Chi-Chou Tseng, Huan-Tee Chan, Po-Yih Chen, Wei-Ming Chen, Wei-Ting Lin
    Applied Medical Research. 2015; 1(2): 39-45.
  61. Growth Characteristics of Sahiwal x Zebu F1 Crossbred Cattle in Uganda
    Brian Martin Babigumira; Robinah Gertrude Nabukalu; Joseph Kibuye Masaba; George William Egadu; Henry Mulindwa; James Oluka; Donald Rugira Kugonza
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2018; 8(6): 35-40.
  62. Cytoprotective and antiinflammatory effect of polyphenolic fraction from Red cabbage (Brassica oleracea Linn var. capitata f rubra) in experimentally induced ulcerative colitis
    Pramod Chandrasenan, V M Anjumol, M V Neethu, Raj Selvaraj, Vysakh Anandan, Gikku Martin Jacob
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(1): 137-146.
  63. Cytotoxic effect and apoptotic activity of Parmentiera edulis DC. hexane extract on the breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231
    Cynthia Carolina Estanislao Gómez, Cynthia Ordaz Pichardo, Eduardo San Martín, Nury Pérez Hernández, David Guillermo Pérez Ishiwara, María del Consuelo Gómez García
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(1): 015-022.
  64. Clinical potential of curcumin in the treatment of cancer: a minireview of clinical trials
    Olga Leal-Hernandez, Jose M. Moran, Jesus M. Lavado-Garcia, Raul Roncero-Martin, Ignacio Aliaga, Maria Pedrera-Canal, Juan D. Pedrera-Zamorano
    Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science. 2015; 4(2): 57-60.
  65. Biosynthetic bacterial cellulose graft as arteriovenous fistula – a complement to existing synthetic grafts?
    Johan Magnusson, Katarina Björses, Jan Holst, Martin Malina, Karolina Helczynska
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2016; 5(2): 70-77.
  66. Evaluation of molecular diversity of central European maize cultivars
    Zelmira Balazova, Martin Vivodík, Zdenka Galova
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 2016; 28(2): 93-98.
  67. Oxidative damage and brain atrophy in alcoholics
    Emilio Gonzalez-Reimers, Geraldine Quintero-Platt, Camino Fernandez-Rodriguez, Emilio Gonzalez-Arnay, Candelaria Martin-Gonzalez, Onan Perez-Hernandez
    Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science. 2015; 4(2): 61-72.
  68. Evaluation of molecular diversity of new castor lines (Ricinus communis L.) using RAPD markers
    Martin Vivodík, Želmíra Balážová, Zdenka Gálová, Tímea Kuťka Hlozáková
    . 2015; 1(1): 1-4.



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