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  1. Study of Pterion And Incidence Of Epipteric Bones In Dry Human Skulls Of Gujarat
    Dr. Chirag R. Khatri*, Dr. Sumit Gupta**, Dr. Jagdish S. Soni***
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2012; 3(2): 57-60.
  2. Morphometric Analysis and Sex determination from Clavicles in Gujarati Population
    Dr. Hiren S. Chavda *, Dr. Chirag R. Khatri *, Dr. Padma D. Varlekar **, Dr. S. S. Saiyad***
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2013; 4(6): 18-22.
  3. Abnormal origin of right subclavian artery – A cadaveric study
    Hiren S Chavda, Padma D Varlekar, Chirag R Khatri, Shabbirali S Saiyad, Raksha H bhatt
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2014; 3(1): 85-88.
  4. A study on variation of zygomatic bone in relation to bipartitism in Gujarat State
    Jagdish S Soni, Chirag R Khatri
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2016; 5(6): 1237-1239.
  5. A study on variation in the insertion of Coracobrachialis muscle and its clinical importance
    Padma D Varlekar, Hiren S Chavda, Chirag R Khatri, Shabbirali S Saiyad, Shaileshkumar K Nagar, Dharati M Kubavat
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2014; 3(1): 42-45.
  6. Insulin Resistance: Detection By Fasting Insulin In North Indian Obese Adults
    Anshu Khatri*, Parshant Changotra**
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2016; 7(5): 1-4.
  7. Effectiveness of Movement Strategies Training in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease - Pilot Study.
    Snehal K. Patel, R.M. Singaravelan, Subhash M. Khatri
    IJHSR. 2013; 3(6): 71-76.
  8. Pregnancy outcome after diagnosis of oligohydramnios at term
    Preshit Chate, Meena Khatri, C. Hariharan
    Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol. 2013; 2(1): 23-26.
  9. Cardiovascular responses during deep water running versus shallow water running in school children
    Anerao Urja M, Shinde Nisha K, Khatri SM
    IJMRHS. 2014; 3(1): 137-143.
  10. Effectiveness of Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glides and Maitland Mobilization in Facet Joint Syndrome: A Single Blind Randomized Control Pilot Study.
    Deepak B. Anap, Subhash Khatri, Zambre B.R
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(10): 142-150.
  11. Is sustained natural apophyseal glides combined with conventional physiotherapy effective for patients with facet joint syndrome? – A case series
    Deepak B. Anap, Subhash Khatri, Zambre BR
    IJMRHS. 2014; 3(4): 1066-1071.
    Shete Dhiraj Ravindra; Khatri Subhash M.
    Int J Clin Biomed Res. 2016; 2(3): 5-7.
  13. A Cross-Sectional Study of Clinical Features and Management of Liver Abscesses in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    Tejas N Hathila, Chirag J Patel, Mihir P Rupani
    Natl J Med Res. 2014; 4(3): 249-252.
  14. Study of tension band wiring in management of fracture of patella in tertiary care hospital in Vadodara
    Chirag V Thakkar, Tarun Desai, Rosy Parmar
    J Res Med Den Sci. 2014; 2(4): 63-66.
  15. Magnets in Orthodontics: An Overview
    Dr. Chirag Patel*, Dr.Vinay Darshan S**, Dr.Dhara Pandya***
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2015; 6(1): 102-106.
    Chirag B. Mistry, Shreya M. Shah, Jagatkumar D. Bhatt
    IJMRHS. 2015; 4(3): 686-692.
  17. Herbal remedies and its effects: An ultimate overview
    Chirag M. Modi, Shailesh K. Mody, Hitesh B. Patel
    SEAJCRR. 2012; 1(3): 73-88.
  18. Herbal remedies and its effects: An ultimate overview
    Chirag M. Modi, Shailesh K. Mody, Hitesh B. Patel
    SEAJCRR. 2012; 1(3): 73-.
  19. Disposition kinetics of long acting moxifloxacin following intravenous administration in Sheep
    Chirag M. Modi, Shailesh K. Mody, Hitesh B. Patel
    Vet World. 2012; 5(9): 517-521.
  20. Effectiveness of Jacobson’s Relaxation Technique in Hypertension
    Subhash M Khatri, R.M. Singaravelan RM, Haider Naeem Romi
    IJHSR. 2012; 1(2): 16-21.
    Chirag Damore, Rajesh NAIR and Sapna Sachdeva Nair
    Int J Trop Med Public Health. 2012; 1(1): 11-29.
  22. Effect of Exogenous PGF2α and Oxytocin on Postpartum Anestrus and Uterine Involution in Kundhi Buffaloes
    Khatri P., Tunio S. A., Kaka I., Samo M. U., Bhutto B. and Memon M. R.
    J. Anim. Prod. Adv.. 2013; 3(4): 158-163.
  23. Sacral Index is More Reliable than Kimura’s Base Wing Index for Sex Determination of a Sacrum
    Shweta Asthana, Sumit Gupta, Mahendra Khatri, GC Agarwal
    Natl J Med Res. 2014; 4(1): 71-74.
  24. Heart Rate Variability in Non Diabetic Offsprings of Type 2 Diabetic Patients
    *Khatri Anshu, Aggarwal Tanu, Changotra Parshant, Sahay A.P., De A.K.
    JARMS. 2013; 5(2): 139-143.
  25. Prevalence of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Health Care Workers of a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Khakhkhar Vipul M, Thangjam Rubee C, Parchwani Deepak N, Patel Chirag P
    Natl J Med Res. 2012; 2(2): 176-178.
  26. Electrocardiographic and Echocardiographic profile of Dilated Cardiomyopathy patients attending tertiary care hospital in Vadodara
    Himanshu M Rana; Parag Chavda; Chirag C Rathod; Meera Mavani
    Natl J Community Med. 2015; 6(4): 571-574.
  27. A Study on Clinical Profile and Antimicrobial Drug Resistance in Infection with Stenotrophomonas maltophilia at a Tertiary Care Hospital of Rural Gujarat, India.
    Disha Sharma*, Yagnesh Pandya**, Chirag Modi***, Suman Singh****,
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2016; 7(5): 5-8.
  28. Socio-Demographic and Anthropometric Profile of Diabetic Patients Attending Diabetes Clinic in Tertiary Care Hospital of Central Gujarat
    Himanshu M Rana; Parag Chavda; Chirag C Rathod; Meera Mavani
    Natl J Community Med. 2015; 6(4): 554-557.
  29. Effect of Antenatal Exercise on Outcome of Labor
    AK Khatri; Suraj Sirohi; Sanjay Dixit; Shailesh Rai; Dhruvendra Pandey
    Natl J Community Med. 2014; 5(3): 342-345.
  30. Effect of Tanzberger Exercises in Women with Stress Urinary Incontinence.
    Heena A. Bhatt, Deepali N. Hande, Neesha Shinde, Subhash Khatri
    IJHSR. 2013; 3(3): 44-50.
  31. Assessment of Knowledge and Awareness Regarding Thyroid Disorders among Women of a Cosmopolitan City of Central India
    Shailesh Rai; Suraj Sirohi; AK Khatri; Sanjay Dixit; Satish Saroshe
    Natl J Community Med. 2016; 7(3): 219-222.
  32. Parental Obesity and Serum Leptin Levels among North Indian Obese Adults
    Anshu Khatri*, Parshant Changotra**, Tanu Aggarwal***, Kauser Sayedda****
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2014; 5(5): 1-4.
  33. Surgical decompression in massive cerebellar stroke
    Inayatullah Khan,1 Muhammad Burhan Ud din Janjua,1 Ismail A. Khatri,2 Mohammad Nadeem1
    RMJ. 2010; 35(1): 96-100.
  34. A Comparative Study of Serum Lipid Profile between Premenopausal And Postmenopausal Women.
    Dr.Maulik S. Varu*, Dr.Anup M. Vegad*, Dr. Hitesh A. Jani**, Dr.Chirag V. Savalia***, Dr.Varsha S. Joshi****
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2012; 3(1): 43-45.
  35. A Study of First Episode of Acute Myocardial Infarction in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients
    Dr.Anup M. Vegad*, Dr.Maulik S. Varu*, Dr.Mahesh M. Rathod**,Dr. Hitesh A. Jani***, Dr.Chirag V. Savalia****
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2012; 3(3): 11-14.
  36. Complications of ERCP (Cholangiopancreatography) in 40 patients underwent ERCP for various diagnostic and therapeutic indications- A prospective study
    Dr.Samir M Shah, Dr.Chirag K Patel, Dr.Gaurang M Panchal, Dr.Vikram B Gohil, Dr.Sandip M Parmar
    SEAJCRR. 2016; 5(1): 2145-2150.
  37. Appraise the Health-Related Quality of Life among Trauma Patients
    Ravi Kant Jain, Neelesh Dhadse, Chirag Sethi, Ravindra Kumar, Susmit Kosta
    Int J Health Rehabil Sci. 2016; 5(3): 118-127.
  38. Knowledge and Practices regarding commonly occurring mosquito borne diseases among people of urban and rural areas of Rajkot District, Gujarat
    Vala Mayur, Patel Umed, Joshi Nirav, Zalavadiya Dipesh, Bhola Chirag, Viramgami Ankit
    J Res Med Den Sci. 2013; 1(2): 46-51.
  39. Effect of upper body fat distribution on pulmonary functions in medical students
    Ashvin Sorani, Chirag Savalia, Kirit Sakariya, Bharat Chavda, Manish Kakaiya, Pradeep Pithadia
    J Res Med Den Sci. 2015; 3(4): 275-279.
  40. Refractive errors among medical students: Risk factor assessment
    Bharat A. Chavda, Kirit Sakariya, R.S.Trivedi, Ashvin Sorani, Chirag Savaliya, Manish Kakaiya, Pradeep Pithadia
    J Res Med Den Sci. 2015; 3(4): 290-294.
  41. Effects of Breathing Exercise and Preventive Measure on Pulmonary Functions in Flour Mill Workers.
    Prerna M. Tawde, Atharuddin H. Kazi , Sambhaji B. Gunjal, Amit V. Jaiswal, Aashirwad A. Mahajan, Subhash M. Khatri
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(7): 241-249.
  42. Plasma leptin levels and Body Mass Index in North Indian Subjects:Correlation with Insulin resistance
    *Khatri Anshu, **Aggarwal Tanu, ****Changotra Parshant, ***Srivastava Neena, ***Tiwari Sunita, *****Mishra Payal
    JARMS. 2013; 5(1): 59-62.
  43. Effectiveness of Interval Training Versus Circuit Training Exercises on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Rate of Perceived Exertion in Individuals With Prehypertension.
    Amit V. Jaiswal, Atharuddin H. Kazi, Sambhaji B. Gunjal, Prerna M. Tawde, Aashirwad A. Mahajan, Subhash M. Khatri
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(10): 149-156.
    Muhammad S Memon, Shoaib Ansari, Rashid Nizamani, Naresh Kumar Khatri, Mukhtar A Mirza and Wasim Jafri
    J Liaquat Uni Med Health Sci. 2007; 6(2): 48-51.
  45. Circulating biomarkers of oxidative stress in normal pregnancy and preeclampsia and efficacy of antioxidant supplementation
    Meena Khatri
    Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol. 2013; 2(3): 304-310.
  46. The metabolic syndrome among hypertensive patients: a cross-sectional study
    Pankaj J. Akholkar, Amita A. Gandhi, Chirag M. Shah
    Int J Adv Med. 2015; 2(3): 188-191.
  47. Estimation Of Serum Β2-Microglobulin In Oral Precancerous Lesions And Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
    Pratik Rupakar*, Akilahmed Kureshi**, Aanal Balar***, Mahammadhusen Khatri****, Mayur Parmar*****, Piyush Pujara******, Maitri Shah*******
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2016; 7(4): 51-55.
  48. Split hand/split-foot malformations: a report of four cases in a family with variable presentations
    Sagar Bharatlal Jaiswal, Sanjay Jayantilal Soni, Chirag D. Patel, Ashish J. Suthar
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2015; 3(10): 2867-2869.
  49. Gravid uterus in post caesarean incisional hernia: a rare occurrence
    Ritu Misra, Sunil Kumar Bajaj, Garvit D. Khatri, Rohini Gupta
    Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol. 2015; 4(1): 286-288.
  50. A cross sectional study to assess the effects of excessive use of smartphones among professional college going students
    Shailesh Rai, Satish Saroshe, A. K. Khatri, Suraj Sirohi, Sanjay Dixit
    Int J Community Med Public Health. 2016; 3(3): 758-763.
  51. Prolene Hernia System (PHS) Versus Linchenstein Repair in Inguinal Hernioplasty: A Comparative Study
    Rushin B Thakor, Darshan Patel, Chirag Shah, Gulab R Patel
    Natl J Med Res. 2015; 5(3): 240-243.
  52. A study of prevalence and seasonal trends of different malarial species in district hospital
    Pankti D. Panchal, Minal B. Trivedi, Nimisha Shethwala, Himanshu S. Khatri
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2016; 4(9): 4155-4157.
  53. Social Networking Media: A Newer Approach to Increase Awareness Against Tobacco Chewing
    Chirag Gajera; Shivangi Malaviya; Umang Patel; Neha Bavarva; Manan Patel; Shreyash Mehta
    Natl J Community Med. 2014; 5(2): 249-252.
  54. Newborn Care Practices in a Jhangad Community of Eastern Nepal.
    Sunil Shah, Ghanashyam Sharma, Tribhuvan Chandra, Ramesh Chandra, Niraj Khatri Sapkota
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(12): 6-13.
  55. A cross sectional study to find out the efficacy of prevention of parent to child transmission services providing centers of Indore division
    Chakresh Jain, A. K. Khatri, Veena Yesikar, Sanjay Dixit, Shailesh Rai
    Int J Community Med Public Health. 2016; 3(6): 1404-1408.
  56. Effectiveness of Gong’s mobilization in cervical spondylosis: a prospective comparative study
    Sunil Gopalrao Harsulkar, Subhash M. Khatri, Keerthi Rao, Chandra Iyer
    Int J Community Med Public Health. 2015; 2(1): 38-44.
    Shah Dev K, Khadka Rita, Yadav Ram Lochan, Khatri Sapkota Niraj, Sharma Deepak,Yadav Prakash K
    IJMRHS. 2015; 4(4): 832-836.
    Jigna Karia, Hetal Shah, Parul Patel, Jignasa Bhalodia, Hitendra Bhavsar, Gaurishankar Shrimali, Chirag Patel
    Natl J Med Res. 2011; 1(2): 31-33.
  59. Prevalence of Opportunistic Fungal Infections in HIV Positive Patients in Tertiary Care Hospital, Rajkot
    Rosy Parmar, Vaibhavi Sharma, Chirag thakkar, Anil Chaudhary, Urmila Pateliya, Govind Ninama, Kalpesh Mistry, Yogesh Goswami, G.U.Kavathia, Rakesh Rajat
    Natl J Med Res. 2012; 2(4): 463-465.
  60. A case of infertility with tuberculosis with multiple calcifications on both fallopian tubes
    Meena Khatri, Preshit Chate
    Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol. 2013; 2(1): 111-113.
  61. Maternal and fetal complications in pregnant epileptic women
    Maimoona Siddiqui, Ismail A Khatri, Arsalan Ahmad
    RMJ. 2014; 39(2): 174-177.
  62. Medical thoracoscopy: a retrospective analysis in a tertiary care centre
    Savita Jindal, Chirag A. Gangajalia, Pujan Parikh, V. G. Vinod, Nalin T. Shah, Kusum V. Shah
    Int J Adv Med. 2015; 2(1): 30-33.
  63. Frequency and distribution of ABO and Rh blood groups among blood donors in tertiary care hospital of South Gujarat, India
    Kruti A. Raja, Gopi H. Dobariya, Chirag A. Unagar, Amrish N. Pandya, Jitendra N. Patel, Sangita J. Wadhwani
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2016; 4(12): 5377-5381.
  64. Treatment of Canine Hip Dysplasia: A Review
    Raghuvir Himanshubhai Bhatt, Shivrajsinh Kishorsinh Jhala, Dipak Naranbhai Suthar, Harit Dhananjaybhai Bhatt, Chirag Ashvinbhai Bhanderi , Naresh Hasmukhbhai Kelawala
    J. Anim. Sci. Adv.,. 2013; 3(12): 589-597.
  65. Liver Biopsy in Patients Infected with Chronic Hepatitis C and Persistently Normal Serum ALT Levels
    M. Sadik Memon, Akber Memon, M. Hanif Ghani, Noman Khan, Naresh K Khatri, Siraj Memon, Ubaidullah Soomro, Mukhtar A Mirza and Wasim Jafri
    J Liaquat Uni Med Health Sci. 2008; 7(2): 87-92.
  66. The ambient air and noise quality in India during diwali festival: A Review
    Chirag Verma1 * and Dhananjay K. Deshmukh2
    . 2014; 6(1): 203-210.
  67. An Education Intervention to Improve Awareness on Road Safety: A Study among School Going Tee-nagers in Indore
    Priyanka Mahawar; Sanjay Dixit; A K Khatri; Rahul Rokade; Rohit Bhurre; Sanjeev Kirar; Rohit Jain; Sanjay Jamliya
    Natl J Community Med. 2013; 4(3): 529-532.
  68. Comparative study between nerve stimulator guided technique and ultrasound guided technique of supraclavicular nerve block for upper limb surgery
    Anil Ratnawat, Fateh Singh Bhati, Chanda Khatri, Bharath Srinivasan, Pushpender Sangwan, Dilip Singh Chouhan
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2016; 4(6): 2101-2106.
  69. Prevalence and trends of transfusion transmitted infections among blood donors of blood bank attached to government hospital of South Gujarat, India
    Gopi H. Dobariya, Kruti A. Raja, Chirag A. Unagar, Amrish N. Pandya, Jitendra N. Patel, Mayur A. Jarag, Sangita J. Wadhwani
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2016; 4(9): 4123-4127.
  70. Role of doppler in fetal growth restriction
    Chirag K. Patel, Parul T. Shah, Rina V. Patel, Kruti J. Deliwala, Rohan Patel, Viral Pandya
    Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol. 2015; 4(6): 1922-1925.
  71. Study of role of blood transfusion in obstetric emergencies
    Vibhuti Pravinbhai Patel, Rina V. Patel, Parul T. Shah, Chirag K. Patel
    Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol. 2014; 3(4): 1002-1005.
  72. Influence of Environmental Temperature on Postpartum Reproductive Potential of Kundhi Buffaloes
    Khatri P., Das D., Kaka I., Samo M. U. and Bhutto B.
    J. Vet. Adv.,. 2013; 3(4): 139-145.
  73. A study of prevalence of cardiomyopathy in diabetes mellitus as evidenced by electrocardiography and 2-D echo
    Pankaj Garg, Savita Jindal, Chirag Gangajalia
    Int J Adv Med. 2015; 2(3): 218-222.
  74. Study of 100 cases of pleural effusion with reference to diagnostic approach
    Pujan Parikh, Jaydeep Odhwani, Chirag Ganagajalia
    Int J Adv Med. 2016; 3(2): 328-331.
  75. Correlation of non stress test with fetal outcome in term pregnancy (37-42 Weeks)
    Richa U. Lohana, Meena Khatri, Chella Hariharan
    Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol. 2013; 2(4): 639-645.
  76. Effect of dyslipidemia on severity and outcome of stroke using mRS scores in Northern Pakistani population
    Amna Sohail, Ismail A Khatri, Nadia Mehboob
    RMJ. 2013; 38(4): 345-350.
  77. Study to assess the psychosocial aspects of refractive errors and effectiveness of health education in correcting stigmas related to spectacle use in high-school students of rural India
    Parag Dhoble, Rahul Agarwal, Chirag Patel, Gautam Anand, Jagdish Sharma, Yogesh Sabde
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2013; 2(3): 716-719.
  78. Unusual presentation: fracture neck femur in 18 months old child
    Chirag D. Patel, Pokhraj P. Suthar, Manoj Gamit, Dhaval J. Dave
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2015; 3(8): 2153-2155.
  79. Utility of check list for neck pain history: student and teacher perceptions
    Niyati A. Desai, Subhash Khatri
    Int J Community Med Public Health. 2016; 3(1): 149-152.
  80. Role of glipizide therapy on oxidative stress parameters in the patient with Type-II diabetes mellitus
    Prakash P. Malam, Naresh D. Kantharia, Ashishkumar C. Zala, Anand J. Amin, Shashank B. Deoghare, Chirag N. Gajera
    Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol. 2014; 3(6): 995-999.
  81. A study of nutritional status and common health problems of street children in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India
    Ram Narayan Sehra, Anil Bairwa, Poonam Chand Khatri, Pramod Kumar Berwal, Niranjan Nagaraj
    Int J Community Med Public Health. 2016; 3(11): 3040-3044.
  82. Retracted: Role of recombinant SXP/RAL-2 family protein Wuchereria bancrofti L2 (rWbL2) as vaccine candidate in lymphatic filariasis in mastomys
    Dhananjay Andure, M. V. R. Reddy, Kiran Pote, Ramchandra Padalkar, Vishal Khatri, Nitin Amdare
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2016; 4(4): 1140-1146.
  83. Analysis of cardiac autonomic modulation in normotensive obese and eutrophic adults of Nepal
    Ram Lochan Yadav, Rita Khadka, Kopila Agrawal, Dilip Thakur, Deepak Sharma, Dev Kumar Shah, Prakash Kumar Yadav, Niraj Khatri Sapkota, Bishnu Hari Paudel, Md. Nazrul Islam
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2016; 4(1): 105-110.
  84. Fulminant variants of multiple sclerosis – local experience at Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan
    Arsalan Ahmad, Nadia Mehboob, Ismail Abdul Latif Khatri, Maimoona Siddiqui, Javeria Khizar, Maryam Jameel
    RMJ. 2013; 38(1): 26-31.
  85. An ethnographic study of physiotherapy education in Sweden from Indian perspective
    Subhash Khatri, Kristina Kindblom
    Int J Community Med Public Health. 2014; 1(1): 31-36.
  86. Sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors as anti-diabetic agents: a review
    Chirag B. Mistry, Radhika A. Vaishnav, Mona H. Shah
    Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol. 2015; 4(5): 815-821.
  87. Effect of atenolol on hemoglobin level in mild to moderate hypertension
    Ashishkumar C. Zala, Naresh D. Kantharia, Prakash P. Malam, Khushbu B. Vaghasiya, Ronak G. Soni, Chirag N. Gajera
    Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol. 2014; 3(4): 701-705.
  88. Pranayama Has Additive Beneficial Effects Along with Medication in Bronchial Asthma Patients
    Tanu Aggarwal, Anshu Khatri, Salman Shafi Siddiqui, Syed Neyaz Hasan, Deepankar Singh, Megha Kulshreshtha, Sudha Agarwal
    J. Phys. Pharm. Adv.. 2013; 3(12): 292-297.
  89. Chlorhexidine:The gold standard in chemical plaque control
    Setu mathur, Tanu mathur,Rahul shrivastava, Rohit khatri
    Natl J Physiol Pharm Pharmacol. 2011; 1(2): 45-50.
  90. Orthopaedic aspect of anatomy and radiology of proximal femur
    Pokhraj P. Suthar, Chirag D. Patel, Manoj Gamit, Dhaval J. Dave, Chandni Wadhwani, Bhumikaben P. Suthar
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2015; 3(8): 1820-1824.
  91. Sero-Prevalence of Hepatitis B amongst Pregnant Women Attending the Antenatal Clinic of a Tertiary Care Hospital, Jamnagar (Gujarat).
    Vipul Mansukhbhai Khakhkhar, Pragnesh Jayantilal Bhuva, Shaswati Pragnesh Bhuva, Chirag P Patel, Cholera Meera S
    Natl J Med Res. 2012; 2(3): 362-365.
  92. Acute embolic cerebral ischemia as an initial presentation of Polycythemia Vera
    Chhatwani Chirag M, Gagiya Ashok K, Patel Ashish R, Maniya Chetan D
    Natl J Med Res. 2016; 6(2): 210-211.
  93. Monosodium glutamate induced histomorphometric changes in thyroid gland of adult wistar rat
    Pooja Rani, Kamlesh Khatri, Renu Chauhan
    J Med Allied Sci. 2013; 3(2): 67-71.
  94. Effect of Storage Conditions on DNA Quality of Primary Sex Organs
    Azizullah Ranjhani, Pershotam Khatri, Bachal Bhutto, Akeel Ahmed Memon, Irum Shahnaz, Mustafa Sheeraz, Imran Rao
    J. Anim. Sci. Adv.,. 2014; 4(10): 1059-1067.
  95. Effect of vitamin E and Selenium treatment on parturition in Kundhi buffalo
    Imran Rao, Pershotam Khatri, Moolchand Malhi, Shahid Hussain Abro, Riaz Ahmed Laghari, Rani Abro, Saeed Ahmed Soomro
    Int. J. Livest. Res.. 2016; 6(7): 38-43.
  96. Compression with active movements in osteoarthritis of knee: a case study
    Subhash M. Khatri, Sunil G. Harsulkar
    Int J Community Med Public Health. 2014; 1(1): 64-66.
  97. Biological interaction of stress and irritable bowel syndrome
    Niraj Khatri Sapkota, Dev Kumar Shah, Md Nazrul Islam
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2014; 3(10): 1182-1186.
  98. Cytotoxic and Genotoxic effects of Orthodontic Adhesives on Human lymphocyte - An In-vitro Study
    Ravi M S; Vijay R; Suchetha Kumari N; Chirag Panchasara
    Med-Science. 2013; 2(4): 820-9.
  99. Evaluation of change in nutritional status of patients in surgical ward after prolonged stay
    Haresh Palekar, Chirag L Prajapati, Mohini Patel, Jatin V Dhanani
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2016; 5(3): 539-542.
  100. Tenofovir Induced Severe Lactic Acidosis and Hepatitis
    Chirag Mahesh Chhatwani, Rakesh Ishwarbhai Bharodiya, Ankit Premchandbhai Vakil
    Natl J Med Res. 2016; 6(3): 288-289.

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