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  1. Assessment of Lung Functions and Factors Affecting in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patients
    Anup Vegad, Maulik Varu, Vilas Patel, Varsha Joshi
    SEAJCRR. 2014; 3(1): 584-598.
  2. A Comparative Study of Serum Lipid Profile between Premenopausal And Postmenopausal Women.
    Dr.Maulik S. Varu*, Dr.Anup M. Vegad*, Dr. Hitesh A. Jani**, Dr.Chirag V. Savalia***, Dr.Varsha S. Joshi****
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2012; 3(1): 43-45.
  3. A Study of First Episode of Acute Myocardial Infarction in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients
    Dr.Anup M. Vegad*, Dr.Maulik S. Varu*, Dr.Mahesh M. Rathod**,Dr. Hitesh A. Jani***, Dr.Chirag V. Savalia****
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2012; 3(3): 11-14.
  4. Age Determination From Macroscopic Examination Of Sphenooccipital Synchondrosis Closure
    Dr. Krunal N. Pipaliya *, Dr. Viral J. Aghera***, Dr. Dipen M. Dabhi****, Dr. H. M. Mangal**, Dr. Prince J. Manvar***,Dr. Pratik R. Varu***
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2015; 6(3): 22-25.
  5. An Autopsy Study of Correlation of Organs Weight with Physical Parameters In Fresh Cases
    Dr. Dipen M. Dabhi**, Dr. H. M. Mangal*, **, Dr. Krunal N. Pipaliya**, Dr. Viral J. Aghera**, Dr. Pratik R. Varu**, Dr. Prince J. Manvar**
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2014; 5(5): 48-51.
  6. Antibacterial activity of Conventional and Modified Glass Ionomer Cement against Streptococcus mutans
    M.P. Prasad, Maulik A Maradia
    J App Biol Biotech. 2014; 2(3): 017-020.
  7. Study Of Lipid Profile In Cirrhotic Patients
    Dr. Maulik S. Nayak*, Dr.R.M.Shah***
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2012; 3(5): 89-93.
  8. Relation Between Serum Uric Acid and Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus(NIDDM)
    Dr. Maulik S. Nayak*, Dr.R.M.Shah**
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2013; 4(5): 72-75.
  9. A Comrarative Study On Effect Of Exercise Intensity On Cardiovascular Variables During Concentric And eccentric Resistive Knee Extention Exercise On Healthy Male
    Dr. Ankur Khant*,Dr. Maulik Shah**
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2013; 4(6): 116-121.
  10. Exercise Stress Testing In Diabetics with Asymptomatic Coronary Artery Disease
    Pankaj Panchal *, Jasmin Parmar**, Vishaldeep Gohel ***, Maulik Padalia****
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2014; 5(6): 56-59.
  11. Effect of aging on WBC count and Platelet count
    Maulik S. Padalia, R, S. Trivedi, Keshur Karmur, Bhavin Kansagara, Priti Bhanderi
    J Res Med Den Sci. 2014; 2(4): 67-70.
    Raksha M Patel, Roshni A. Vohra, Kiran K Chotaliya, Ankit H. Bharti, Maulik Shinojia
    Natl J Med Res. 2014; 4(2): 132-137.
  13. Determinants Of Hypertension In Faculties Of Various Colleges In Bhavnagar City
    Maulik shah*, Divyang patel*, Devang Raval**, Dhiren Amin***, Bhargav Gajipara*, M.P. Singh****
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2012; 3(4): 109-113.
  14. Study of impairment in collaboration between ceruloplasmin and transferrin in development of complications in type 2 diabetes mellitus
    Reenu Sharma, Sunil S. Patani, Maulik S. Nayak
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2016; 4(8): 3611-3615.
  15. Estimation of Stature from Foot Length and Hand Length Measurements In Gujarat Region
    Ritesh K Shah*, Jitendra P Patel**, Bharat G Patel***, Sanjay D Kanani****, Maulik D Patel*****
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2014; 5(6): 16-19.
  16. Prescription and cost-analysis of antiemetic medication use in pediatric wards: a prospective observational study
    Maulik M. Patel, Devang A. Rana, Varsha J. Patel, Manish Patel
    Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol. 2014; 3(1): 124-129.
  17. Effect of meals with varying glycemic index on blood glucose response in type 2 diabetes mellitus
    Maulik S. Nayak, Sunil S. Patani, Reenu Sharma, Rita Shah
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2016; 4(8): 3444-3448.
  18. Pulmonary renal syndrome: treatment of acute renal failure secondary to double positive goodpasture syndrome
    Rajkumar Prakashbhai Doshi, Viralkumar Patel, Keyur Patel, Maulik Patel
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2016; 4(1): 322-325.
  19. Hemichorea - hemiballismus in undiagnosed diabetes mellitus asian female patient associated with non ketotic hyperglycemia: putamenal and caudate nucleus lesions on magnetic resonance imaging
    Rajkumar Prakashbhai Doshi, Viralkumar Patel, Keyur Patel, Maulik Patel
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2016; 4(1): 326-329.
  20. Histopathological spectrum of gallstone disease from cholecystectomy specimen in rural areas of West Bengal, India- an approach of association between gallstone disease and gallbladder carcinoma
    Bikash Mondal, Dhrubajyoti Maulik, Biplab K. Biswas, Gautam N. Sarkar, Debidas Ghosh
    Int J Community Med Public Health. 2016; 3(11): 3229-3235.
  21. A rare case of spontaneous acalculus common bile duct perforation presenting as acute abdomen
    Dhrubajyoti Maulik; Devvrat Singh; Subhankar Chakravorty; Pankaj Singh Chauhan; Debabrat A Das
    Case Study Case Rep. 2014; 4(3): 99-103.
  22. Spontaneous expulsion of large migrant bladder calculus creating large urethral fistula and large distal penile ulcer
    Dev Vrat Singh; Subhankar Chakraborty; Dhrubojyoti Maulik; Tapus Kumar Majhi; Debabrat A Das
    Case Study Case Rep. 2014; 4(3): 95-98.
  23. Comparative study of serum lipid profile between prehypertensive and normotensive
    Hitesh A. Jani, Priti C. Bhanderi, Chandankumar Sharma, Maulik Padalia
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2014; 2(4): 1648-1651.
  24. Transmesenteric hernia presenting as acute abdomen in a pediatric patient
    Debabrata Das; Dhrubajyoti Maulik; Subuddha Chatterjee; Dev Vrat Singh; Arghya Choudhuri
    Case Study Case Rep. 2016; 6(3): 79-82.

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