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  1. Ischemic stroke in young age
    Guleser Akpinar; Harika Gunduz; Mehmet Serin; Adem Melekoglu
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2017; 6(3): 567-9.
  2. Experimental study on the effect of vitamin C administration on lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzyme activity in rats exposed to chlorpyriphos and lead acetate
    Nisar Ahmad Nisar, Mudasir Sultana, Hina Ashraf Waiz, Parveez Ahmad Para, Naseer Ahmad Baba, Fayaz Ahmad Zargar, Waseem Hussain Raja
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(8): 461-466.
  3. Cultural and Socioeconomic Barriers in Utilization of Dental Services: A Cross Sectional Questionnaire Based Study
    Khyati H Patel; Vivek S Nair; Dheeraj D Kalra; Vittaldas Shetty
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2016; 7(10): 807-810.
  4. Social Aspects of Geriatric Health : A Cross Sectional Study at Rural Mangalore, Karnataka, India
    Radha Aras, Venkatesh Narayan, Neevan D’Souza, Irene Veigas
    International Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (IJHRS). 2012; 1(2): 69-73.
  5. Increased serum interleukin-1β level in chronic periodontal disease as a risk factor for cardio-vascular diseases
    Aruna Kanaparthy, Rosaiah Kanaparthy, Santosh Kumar Singh
    Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science. 2015; 3(4): 260-265.
  6. Anti-IL-17 markedly inhibited the in vitro granuloma induced by Schistosoma mansoni soluble egg antigen.
    Asmaa Ezz; Irene S. Gmail; Fatma Elzahraa H. Salem; Rabab Salama; Soad Nady
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2018; 2(1): 38-46.
  7. The ethanolic extract of date palm pollen significantly inhibited granuloma induced by Schistosoma mansoni soluble egg antigen in vitro
    Soad Nady; Irene S Gmail; Fatma Elzahraa H Salem; Rabab Salama; Asmaa Ezz
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2017; 1(2): 52-60.
  8. Assessment of Waste Management Practices among Traders in Major Markets in Owerri, IMO State, Nigeria.
    Anthony C. Iwu, Chukwuma B. Duru, Kenechi A. Uwakwe, Kevin C. Diwe, Irene A. Merenu, Chima A Emerole, Henry N. Chineke
    International Journal of Health Sciences and Research (IJHSR). 2016; 6(7): 7-17.
  9. Academic Performance of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Medical Students’ of East Coast Malaysian Peninsula: A Cross-Sectional and Descriptive Study That Stimulates Their Life
    Rabiu Muazu Musa; Mainul Haque
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2017; 7(6): 169-175.
  10. Analysis of morbidity and mortality rate in cattle in village areas of Pune division in the Maharashtra state
    Yogesh Bangar, T. A. Khan, Amit Kumar Dohare, D. V. Kolekar, Nitin Wakchaure, B. Singh
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(8): 512-515.
  11. Preventive Practices of Infectious Disease Control and Its Socio-Demographic Determinants among Urban Market Attendees in IMO State, Nigeria.
    Chukwuma B. Duru, Anthony C. Iwu, Kenechi A. Uwakwe, Kevin C. Diwe, Irene A. Merenu,Kinsley I Achigbu, Henry N. Chineke, Emmanuel U. Ndukwu, Alison a. Ohiri, Bright C. Nwatamole
    International Journal of Health Sciences and Research (IJHSR). 2016; 6(11): 1-12.
  12. Plasmodium falciparum, Schistosoma mansoni and Amebiasis Co-Infections: Synergetic and Antagonistic Effect on Anemia in Cameroonian School Children.
    Nkengazong Lucia, Adamou Mfopa, Tombi Jeannette, Ojong Lucie Joesiane, EssombaAbomo Jean Stéve, Nyemkuna Ngombiga Irene, Eyong Manyi Marcelle, Moyou- Somo Roger
    International Journal of Health Sciences and Research (IJHSR). 2015; 5(12): 143-152.
  13. Metastasis: ignorance can be a curse
    Abha Rani; Neetha Mellekatte Chandrashekarappa; Priya Nagur Karibasappa; Shiva bharani Karanam
    Case Study and Case Report. 2016; 6(3): 62-68.
  14. Studies on physical and rheological properties of cervico-vaginal mucus during early pregnancy in buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)
    Veenapani Sharma, Shiv Prasad, H. P. Gupta
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(8): 508-511.
  15. Effect of moderate exercise on VO2 max and blood pressure in individuals with different body mass index
    M I GladMohesh, A Sundaramurthy
    Journal of Clinical & Experimental Research. 2015; 3(1): 177-179.
  16. Fetoscopic Laser Coagulation in Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome: Case Series
    Aykan Yucel; Dilek Uygur
    Gynecology Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine. 2018; 24(1): 52-55.
  17. Occupational zoonoses in zoo and wildlife veterinarians in India: A review
    H. B. Chethan Kumar, K. M. Lokesha, C. B. Madhavaprasad, V. T. Shilpa, N. S. Karabasanavar, A. Kumar
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(9): 605-613.
  18. Pitfalls and fatal complications after iterative endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography or percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography management of biliary tract cysts. When to do open surgery (cyst resection; hepaticojejunostomy) or liver transplant?
    Andrea Cariati, Giuliano Bottino, Pietro Diviacco, Antonella De Negri, Eva Moraglia, Valerio Belgrano, Irene Leale, Elisa Piromalli, Rosario Fornaro, Mauro Nahun, Enzo Andorno.
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2016; 5(2): 128-133.
  19. Comparison of Single Incision and Conventional Laparoscopic Surgery for Surgical Sterilization
    Yetkin Karasu; Duygu Kavak Comert
    Gynecology Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine. 2018; 24(1): 22-26.
  20. The Effect of Dietary Addition of Potato Hash Silage on Carcass Traits of Grower Pigs.
    Thomas R. S., Kanengoni A. T., Nkosi B. D., Umesiobi D. O. and Makgothi O.G.
    Journal of Animal Production Advances. 2013; 3(8): 242-246.
  21. Pharmacogenomics: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice among Future Doctors and Pharmacists – A Pilot Study
    Adamu Yau, Mainul Haque
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(2): 141-145.
  22. Indications for Human Albumin Infusion in a Neonatal Population: A Single Center Experience
    Halil Degirmencioglu; Birgul Say; Serife Suna Oguz
    Gynecology Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine. 2018; 24(1): 47-51.
  23. Value of Multiple Computed Tomography Criteria for Prediction of Malignancy in Patients with Ovarian Mass
    Bilge Oztoprak; Savas Karakus
    Gynecology Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine. 2018; 24(1): 42-46.
  24. Effect of Dried Lake Salt (Kanwa) on Lipid profile and Heart Histology of Female Albino Rats
    A.S. Muhammad, Y. Saidu, L.S. Bilbis, A. Onu, S.A. Isezuo, S. Sahabi
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2014; 22(3): 73-78.
  25. Influence of Maternal Preeclampsia on Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of Preterm Infants
    Halil Degirmencioglu; Birgul Say; Zeynep Ustunyurt; Serife Suna Oguz
    Gynecology Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine. 2018; 24(2): 99-103.
  26. Nutrition education intervention for low income HIV infected adults
    Irene Hatsu, Adriana Campa, Paulette Johnson, Fatma Huffman, Barbara Thomlison, Marianna Baum.
    Journal of Behavioral Health. 2014; 3(3): 161-168.
  27. The Effect of Dietary Ginger Root Powder (Zingiber officinale) on Broiler Chicks Performance, Carcass Characteristic and Serum Constituents
    Wafaa Babiker Zomrawi, Khadiga Abbas Abdel Atti, Bakheit Mansour Dousa and Ahmed Gofoon Mahala
    Journal of Animal Science Advances. 2013; 3(2): 42-47.
  28. Mindset in medical teaching and learning
    K V Ramana
    Journal of Contemporary Medical Education. 2015; 3(1): 1-1.
  29. Assessment of disease reporting among health care workers in a South Eastern State, Nigeria
    Anthony C. Iwu, Kevin C. Diwe, Irene A. Merenu, Chukwuma B. Duru, Kenechi A. Uwakwe
    International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health. 2016; 3(10): 2766-2774.
  30. Ayurvedic management of Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB): A systematic review
    Janmejaya Samal
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2016; 5(1): 86-91.
  31. Determination of Anti-nutrients and Toxic Substances of Selected Fresh Leafy Vegetables Obtained from Minna Town, Nigeria
    Amanabo Musa and Emmanuel O. Ogbadoyi
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2014; 22(3): 79-83.
  32. Accuracy of a new hysteroscopic method in the assessment of tubal patency: Hysteroscopic Chromotubation
    Burak Yucel; Emine Demirel; Sefa Kelekci; Kerem Doga Seckin; Osama Shawki
    Gynecology Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine. 2018; 24(2): 82-86.
  33. Perioperative Complications of Urogynecologic Surgery: Our Experience in a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Huseyin Cengiz; Hediye Dagdeviren; Cihan Kaya; Caglar Helvacoglu; Murat Ekin
    Gynecology Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine. 2018; 24(1): 34-36.
  34. Mechanism of Immunity to Tick infestation in Livestock
    Biswa Ranjan Maharana, Rubina Kumari Baithalu, Idrees Mehraj Allaie, Chinmoy mishra, Lipismita Samal
    Veterinary World. 2011; 4(3): 131-135.
  35. Haematological and hypoglycemic potential Anethum graveolens seeds extract in normal and diabetic Swiss albino mice
    Nidhi Mishra
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(8): 502-507.
  36. Sperm mitochondrial DNA 15bp deletion of cytochrome c oxidase subunit III is significantly associated with human male infertility in Pakistan
    Irfan Afzal Mughal, Asma Irfan, Abdul Hameed, Sarwat Jahan
    Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association. 2016; 66(1): 3-7.
  37. Multi lobulated large ivory osteoma of ascending ramus: A case report
    A.N.C. John
    Journal of Clinical & Experimental Research. 2014; 2(2): 138-140.
  38. Serum Albumin Level Adjusted Progesterone Level on the Trigger Day is Not a Significant Predictor of Clinical Pregnancy
    Cigdem Yayla Abide; Enis Ozkaya; Semra Kayatas Eser; Belgin Devranoğlu; Bulent Emre Bilgic; Tayfun Kutlu
    Gynecology Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine. 2018; 24(2): 87-91.
  39. Application of biotechnology to improve livestock products
    Swati Gupta, C. V. Savaliya
    Veterinary World. 2012; 5(10): 634-638.
  40. Evaluation of Maternal and Fetal Stress Hormones During the Process of Birth
    Burcu Kisa Karakaya; Ozlem Moraloglu; Rahime Bedir Findik; Necati Hancerliogullari; Hatice Celik; Tuba Candar; Halil Ä°brahim Yakut
    Gynecology Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine. 2018; 24(2): 65-70.
  41. Role of MicroRNAs in hepatic fibrosis progression
    Ezhilarasan Devaraj
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2018; 8(5): 174-178.
  42. Epidemiology of Orthopaedics Fractures in Under- Developed Country Due to Trauma, A Retrospective Study
    Usman Nazir Gill
    Journal of Pakistan Orthopaedic Association. 2016; 28(2): 64-66.
  43. Patient safety: a developing world perspective
    Venkataramana Kandi
    Applied Medical Research. 2015; 1(3): 89-89.
  44. Incidence of dermatophytosis in canine cases presented at Apollo Veterinary College, Rajashtan, India
    Rakhi Gangil, Pankaj Dutta, Ruchi Tripathi, Rajesh Singathia, Ratan Lal Lakhotia
    Veterinary World. 2012; 5(11): 682-684.
  45. Short Term Alterations of Hormone Profile Following Oocyte Pick-Up in Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome to Assess the Effect of Multiple Needle Entries Into the Ovarian Cortex and Stroma
    Enis Ozkaya; Cigdem Abide Yayla; Semra Kayatas Eser; Belgin Devranoglu; Ilhan Sanverdi; Tayfun Kutlu
    Gynecology Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine. 2018; 24(1): 17-21.
  46. Pattern of Respiratory Morbidity in the Catering Population of Rural Health and Training Centre, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
    Sanjay Kumar Gupta; Neeraj Khare; Samarth Sharma
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2017; 8(1): 8-11.
  47. Knowledge, attitude and practice of non-medicinal alternative therapy in general population of Ahmedabad, India
    Gargi S. Panchal, Anju S. Mehta, Jigar R. Panchal, Jayesh D. Balat, Geeta Nair
    Journal of Clinical & Experimental Research. 2014; 2(2): 115-122.
  48. In vitro evaluation of salinomycin addition in wheat straw based total mixed diets on rumen fermentation, methanogenesis and dry matter degradability in buffalo
    Sunil K. Sirohi, Navneet Goel
    Veterinary World. 2012; 5(10): 609-613.
  49. Use of Reconstruction Nail in The Treatment of Ipsilateral Femoral Neck and Shaft Fractures
    Syed Kamran Ali Shah; Asif Peracha; Sajid Younus; Asmatullah Khan; Kazim Rahim Najjad; Muhammad Arsalan Ghazi
    Journal of Pakistan Orthopaedic Association. 2017; 29(1): 09-14.
  50. Pharmacovigilance Practice: The Current Challenges and the Gaps in the Medical Students’ Curriculum
    Abdullahi Rabiu Abubakar, Mainul Haque
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(5): 210-215.
  51. Epidemiological investigation of bovine blindness syndrome in local and improved herds in Mkinga district of Tanzania
    Emanuel Senyael Swai, Esron Daniel Karimuribo, Paul Yohana Kisaka, Benedeta N. Mwawado
    Veterinary World. 2012; 5(10): 581-589.
  52. Development of Edible Biofilm Containing Cinnamon to Control Food-Borne Pathogen
    Deepansh Sharma; Daljeet S Dhanjal; Bhumika Mittal
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 7(1): 160-164.
  53. Genetic studies of earliness in Gossypium hirsutum L.
    Amir Shakeel1, , Jehanzeb Farooq3 *Ameer Bibi1, Shaham Hamayoun Khan1 and M. Farrukh Saleem2 1Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, 2Department of Agronomy, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. 3Cotton Research Institute, Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad. Pakistan. Corresponding author: Ameer Bibi (Email: ameerbibi@gmail.com)
    International Journal for Agro Veterinary and Medical Sciences. 2012; 6(3): 189-207.
  54. Impact of Char Livelihood Program (CLP) of Char land Dwellers around the Char Areas in Sirajgonj District of Bangladesh
    Mohammad Anamul Haque; Md. Yousuf Ali; Md. Abdul Halim Sheikh; Ashrafun Nahar; Khadiza Akter Kana
    Fundamental and Applied Agriculture. 2017; 2(3): 290-296.
  55. Gross and Histological Alteration in the Placenta of Mothers Suffering from Gestational Diabetes
    Dr. Samreen Memon Dr. Pushpa Goswami Dr. Hem lata
    Journal of Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences. 2015; 14(1): 16-20.
  56. Anaplastic large cell lymphoma: a rare cause of extreme neutrophilia in a child
    Gayathri Satish, Arathi Srinivasan, Shruti Irene Varghese, Ravi Kumar, Bala Ramachandran, Julius Xavier Scott, Sarala Rajajee
    International Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics. 2016; 3(1): 294-296.
  57. Potassium requirement for leaf biomass yield and K nutrition of stevia
    Md. Maniruzzaman; Tanzin Chowdhury; Md. Arifur Rahman; Md.Akhter Hossain Chowdhury
    Fundamental and Applied Agriculture. 2017; 2(3): 297-302.
  58. Biotyping of Bacillus cereus from the street vended Foods in Srinagar area of Kashmir
    Yasir Hafeez, Asif Iqbal, Manzoor Ahmad
    Veterinary World. 2012; 5(10): 590-593.
  59. Nitriergic Influence in the Compromised Antidepressant Effect of Fluoxetine in Stressed Mice
    Vaibhav Walia, Neeraj Gilhotra
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(10): 092-097.
  60. Prevalence and Patterns of Sickle Cell Disease among Children Attending Tertiary and Non-Tertiary Health Care Institutions in a South Eastern State, Nigeria: A 10 year Survey.
    Kevin Diwe, Anthony Chinedu Iwu, Kenechi Uwakwe, Chukwuma Duru, Irene Merenu, Tope Ogunniyan, Uche Oluoha, Emmanuel Ndukwu, Ikechi Ohale
    Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science. 2016; 4(3): 183-189.
  61. Serum Cobalamin and Dyslipidemia in Type 2 Diabetics
    Dr. Haji Khan Khoharo. Dr. Iqbal Ahmed Memon Dr. Shuja Anver Kazi Dr. Fatima Qureshi
    Journal of Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences. 2015; 14(1): 21-25.
  62. Sudden death due to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy– A case report
    Basappa Subhas Hugar, Sunil Kumar Kainoor, Yashwant kumar Singh, Akshith Raj Shetty
    European Journal of Forensic Sciences. 2015; 2(3): 19-23.
  63. Prevalence of parasitic infection in captive non human primates of Assam State Zoo, India
    Bichitra Gopal Nath, Saidul Islam, Apurba Chakraborty
    Veterinary World. 2012; 5(10): 614-616.
  64. Gunshot pellet related cataract without any contact to globe
    Yıldıray YILDIRIM(*), Fahrettin AKAY(*), Ertuğrul CAN(**) * Göz Hastalıkları Kliniği, İzmir Asker Hastanesi, İZMİR ** Göz Hastalıkları Kliniği, Ondokuzmayıs Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, SAMSUN Ayrı basım isteği: Yıldıray YILDIRIM, İzmir Asker Hastanesi,Göz Hastalıkları Kliniği,İzmir. E-mail: doctoryyildirim@gmail.com
    Gulhane Medical Journal. 2014; 56(3): 185-187.
  65. Gastroprotective Role of the Combined Effects of Vitamins C and E Following Chronic Exposure to Thermoxidized palm oil in Albino Rats
    Agona Odeh Obembe, Emmanuel Oleba Ofutet, Atim Irene Okpo-Ene, Enobong Samuel Udondian
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(8): 076-080.
  66. Effect of Muscle Length on Fatigue Induced by Low Frequency Current Stimulation in Human Medial Gastrocnemius Muscle
    Tarek Mohamed El Gohary , Sameh Refaat Ibrahim, Waleed Salah Elddin Mahmoud, Hatem Ahmed Emara, Mostafa Saber Ahmed
    International Journal of Therapies and Rehabilitation Research. 2016; 5(4): 158-165.
  67. Gartland’s Type III Supra Condylar Fracture of Humerus in Children Treated with Open Reduction and Internal Fixation with Cross K-Wire Fixation: A Prospective Study
    Dr. Mehtab Pirwani Dr. Abbas Memon Dr. Faheem Memon
    Journal of Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences. 2015; 14(1): 33-37.
  68. Opinions of healthcare managers for public private partnership in healthcare sector
    Ali Ünal; Aslý Köse Ünal
    Health Care Academician Journal. 2017; 4(1): 51-56.
  69. Unusual malposition of central venous catheter-A Case Report
    Haider Abbas, Zia Arshad, Sulekha Saxena, Jaishri Bogra, Ahlam Kazim
    National Journal of Medical Research. 2013; 3(1): 96-97.
  70. Effect of isolate of ruminal fibrolytic bacterial culture supplementation on fibrolytic bacterial population and survivability of inoculated bacterial strain in lactating Murrah buffaloes
    Brishketu Kumar, Sunil Kumar Sirohi
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(1): 14-17.
  71. Sire Evaluation Based on First Lactation 305 Day Milk Yield and Monthly Part Lactation Records in Sahiwal Cattle
    U. T. Mundhe; R. S. Gandhi; D. N. Das; V. B. Dongre; Arun Pratap Singh
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2018; 8(9): 228-233.
  72. Because of nasal carriage of Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    Rezan Harman, Özgür GÜNAL, Ünal Sarıkabadayı, Abdulkadir Daldal, Elif Özdemir, Ceylan Özyılmaz
    Journal of Contemporary Medicine. 2016; 6(4): 382-384.
  73. Efficient Utilisation of Poultry By-Products for Economic Sustainability – The Need of the Hour
    Jyotiprabha Mishra, Subhasish Biswas, Nihar Ranjan Sarangi, Rashmi Prabha Mishra, Navin Kumar, Chandrakanta Mishra
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2015; 5(10): 1-9.
  74. Biological capacity and chemical composition of secondary metabolites from representatives Japanese Lichens
    Eman F Ahmed; Waill A Elkhateeb; Hanan AA Taie; Mostafa E Rateb; Walid Fayad
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 7(1): 098-103.
  75. Biological response of broiler supplemented with varying dose of direct fed microbial
    Saurabh Chawla, Shivani Katoch, K. S. Sharma, V. K. Sharma
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(8): 521-524.
  76. Papillary adenoma in the trachea of a wild boar (Sus scrofa)
    Nidhi Rajput, Madhu Swamy, A. B. Shrivastav
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(3): 169-170.
  77. Effect of roofing materials on micro-climate in loose house for animals during rainy season
    Reena Kamal, Triveni Dutt, B. H. M. Patel, R. P. Ram, Probhakar Biswas, P. K. Bharti, Sandeep Kaswan
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(8): 482-485.
  78. Socio-economic status of horse owners vis-a-vis horse feeding and management in Rajasthan
    Yash Pal, R. A. Legha, R. K. Dedar, P. A. Bala
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(8): 470-475.
  79. Ameliorative potential of Tephrosia purpurea extract against arsenic induced toxicity in wistar rats
    Ravuri Halley Gora, Sushma Lalita Baxla, Priscilla Kerketta, Reetu Toppo, Naveen Kumar, Birendra kumar Roy
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(8): 493-496.
  80. Evaluation of an inactivated vaccine for nephropathogenic infectious bronchitis virus
    A. Balasubramaniam, T. R. Gopalakrishnamurthy, S. Sivaseelan, G. A. Balasubramaniam, J. Johnson Rajeswar
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(3): 134-138.
  81. Seroprevalence of brucellosis in sheep of organized and unorganized sector of Kashmir valley
    Iram Mushtaq Lone, Mohammad Ashraf Baba, Mohammad Maroof Shah, Asif Iqbal, Aabeen Sakina
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(8): 530-533.
  82. Penfluridol Induced Extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS): A Case Report
    Sereen R Thomson; Balaji Ommurugan; Shalini Adiga; Navin Patil; Saurish Reddy
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 7(1): 214-216.
  83. Lipid Profile of the Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Patients Admitted in a Hospital in Malaysia
    ATM Emdadul Haque, Fatimah Binti Mohammed Yusoff, Mohd Haidir Syawalstri Bin Ariffin, Muhammad Fadhli Bin Ab Hamid, Siti Raihana Binti Hashim, Mainul Haque
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(5): 137-142.
  84. Characterization of 12S rRNA gene for meat identification of common wild and domestic small herbivores as an aid to wildlife forensic
    Nidhi Rajput, A.B. Shrivastav, S.N.S. Parmar, Rakesh Ranjan, Sanjeev Singh, E. Joseph
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(5): 254-259.
  85. Nonaqueous Enteric Coating Application of HPMC and Eudragit L100 on Hard Gelatin Capsules: Designed to Achieve Intestinal Delivery
    Swamykannu Dinesh Mohan, V. R. M. Gupta, Harika yasam, Yamini jampani, Manaswini Yalamanchili
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(4): 001-006.
  86. Perceived Stress Levels And its Sources Among Doctors and Nurses Working In A Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu
    Sathiya Narayanan; Ruwaidha Rafeeq; Nusrath Salma Farook; Fathima Farin; Gomathy Thandavamoorthy; Hegde Shailendra
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2016; 7(7): 603-608.
  87. Prolificacy in Raighar goats is independent of FecB gene
    Tapan Kumar Palai, Purna Chandra Bisoi, Apratim Maity, Prakash Chandra Behera, Gyanaranjan Sahoo, Shamik Polley, Sachinandan De
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(8): 479-481.
  88. Pharmacokinetic studies of meloxicam after its intravenous administration in local goat (Capra hircus) of Assam
    Abdul Rakeeb Wani, Rohini K. Roy, Ajmal Ashraf, Dulal C. Roy
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(8): 516-520.
  89. Bacteriological evaluation of packaged bottled water sold at Jaipur city and its public health significance
    Rakhi Gangil, Ruchi Tripathi, Anil Patyal, Pankaj Dutta, K. N. Mathur
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(1): 27-30.
  90. Retention of placenta in mithun crossbred cow (Phre) – A case report
    P. Perumal, Jayanta Kumar Chamuah, B Krishnappa, Kezha Vupru, Kobu Khate
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(3): 171-171.
  91. A Case Study of Yola Modern Abattoir, Adamawa State, Nigeria
    Bakari N. A., Umoh J. U., Kabir J., Otolorin G. R., Ehizibolo P. O., Jibril Y. J. and Yahaya R. J.
    Journal of Veterinary Advances. 2015; 5(6): 995-1003.
  92. Effect of feeding maize silage supplemented with concentrate and legume hay on growth in Nellore ram lambs
    Venkateswarlu Malisetty, Ramana Reddy Yerradoddi, Nagalakshmi Devanaboina, Mahender Mallam, Hari Krishna Cherala, Rajasekhara Reddy Admal, Gnana Prakash Manthani
    Veterinary World. 2013; 6(4): 209-213.
  93. Comparison and combination of a hemodynamics/biomarkers-based model with simplified PESI score for prognostic stratification of acute pulmonary embolism: findings from a real world study
    Luca Masotti, Grazia Panigada, Giancarlo Landini, Filippo Pieralli, Francesco Corradi, Salvatore Lenti, Rino Migliacci, Carlo Nozzoli, Maddalena Grazzini, Lucia Ciucciarelli, Alessandro Morettini, Sara Bucherelli, Alessandra Petrioli, Carlotta Casati, Mario Felici, Luciano Ralli, Stefano Arrigucci, Laila Teghini, Giovanni Antonio Porciello, Stefano Spolveri, Daniele Baldoni, Anna Frullini, Barbara Cimolato, Gianni Lorenzini, Alessandro Pampana, Guidantonio Rinaldi, Maria Chiara Bertieri, Raffaele Laureano, Stefano Tatini, Alberto Fortini, Chiara Angotti, Valerio Verdiani, Anna Maria Romagnoli, Irene Cascinelli, Alberto Camaiti, Nicola Mumoli, Marco Cei, Stefano Giuntoli, Massimo Alessandri, Alessandro De Palma, Maurizio Manini, Veronica De Crescenzo, Michele Piacentini, Carlo Passaglia, Giancarlo Tintori, Carlo Palermo, Alba Dainelli, Roberto Andreini, Giuseppa Levantino, Plinio Fabiani, Lucia Raimondi, Massimo Di Natale, Filippo Risaliti, Rossella Nassi, Roberta Mastriforti, Roberto Cappelli, Michele Voglino, Paola Lambelet, Stefano Fascetti, Adriano Cioppi, Valentina Carli, Alessandro Tafi, Simone Meini, Emilio Santoro, Claudia Rosi
    International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences. 2015; 3(11): 3230-3237.
  94. Effect of life-style related practices on sexual and reproductive health of eligible couples: A mixed method exploratory study
    Sanjeev Davey, Santosh Kumar Raghav, Jaivir Singh, Anuradha Davey, Shailendra Kumar, Pradeep Kumar Choudhary
    TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin. 2016; 15(3): 220-228.



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The articles in Scopemed are open access articles licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/) which permits unrestricted, non-commercial use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the work is properly cited.
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