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  1. Sacroccocygeal Chordoma: A Case Report in a 52 Year Old Female.
    V. Raje, Vaishali Raje, Shruti Panicker, Madhavendra Kabra, Sangeeta Biradar
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(9): 376-380.
  2. Primary Extranodal Extralymphatic Hodgkins Lymphoma: A Rare Case Report.
    Vinayak Raje, Vaishali Raje, Aditya Punamiya, Umesh Avarade, Sanjay Patil, M A Phansopkar
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(3): 269-273.
  3. A Rare Case of Paediatric Spinal Intramedullary Abscess.
    Vinayak Raje, Vaishali Raje, Shruti Panicker, Mahesh Reddy, Madhavendra Kabra, Sangeeta Biradar
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(1): 351-353.
  4. Utility of Psychosocial Physical Economical Sexual (PPES) Scales to Detect Severity of Various Types of Violence.
    Vaishali V. Raje, A. K. Pratinidhi, Vinayak Raje, S. V. Kakade
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(12): 44-55.
  5. A Rare Case of Retained Intracranial Foreign Body.
    Raje Vinayak, Raje Vaishali, Pednekar Akshay, Gupta Vaibhav, Vekariya Mayank, Patankar Ritvij, Mahna Abhishek
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(9): 381-385.
  6. A Study of Paediatric Head Injuries and Its Outcome.
    Raje Vinayak, Raje Vaishali, Pednekar Akshay, Vekariya Mayank, Mahna Abhishek, Patankar Ritvij, Gupta Vaibhav
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(12): 106-114.
  7. Study to Assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice about Acute Diarrhoeal Diseases among School Going Children and Their Parents in Rural Maharashtra.
    Anirudh V. Mutalik, Vaishali V. Raje
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(11): 33-37.
  8. Acute Diarrhoeal Diseases Among Preschool Children In Western Maharashtra, India
    Mahesh B Tondare; Vaishali V Raje; Satish V Kakade; Madhavi V Rayate
    Natl J Community Med. 2014; 5(4): 383-386.
  9. Evaluation of Mulberry(Morus spp.) Genotypes for Tolerance to Major Abiotic Stresses
    M. K. Prithvi Raje Urs, K. Rajashekar and A. Sarkar
    JOP. 2011; 1(3): 167-173.
  10. “Lateral Orbital Rim Osteotomy-Approach” For Management of Blow-in Fracture of Lateral Orbit Wall Causing Visual and Ocular Motility Disturbances: Report of Two Cases.
    Vinayak Vishnu Raje, Kumar Nilesh
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(3): 408-413.
  11. Effect of Hand Washing Practice & Attack Rate of Acute Diarrhoeal Diseases among Pre-Primary School Children.
    Mahesh B. Tondare, V.V Raje, Praveen Ganganahalli, Sachin Mumbare, M.V Rayate
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(9): 31-36.
  12. Assessment of genetic diversity in the tropical mulberry Silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) with mtDNA-SSCP and SSR markers
    K. Vijayan, C. V. Nair, S. Raje Urs
    Emir. J. Food Agric. 2010; 22(2): 71-83.
  13. Simultaneous Cerebral and Cerebellar Venous Thrombosis: Case Report.
    Vinayak Raje, Sangeeta Biradar, Mahesh Reddy, Shruti Panicker, Madhavendra Kabara, Basavaraj Nagur
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(3): 402-407.
  14. Crouzon Syndrome: A Case Report.
    Raje Vinayak, Patankar Ritvij, Vekariya Mayank, Pednekar Akshay, Mahna Abhishek, Gupta Vaibhav, Chincholi Tejas
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(2): 428-431.
  15. Case Report on Aggressive Childhood Behaviour.
    Vinayak Raje, Abhishek Mahna, Akshay Pednekar, Mayank .A. Vekariya, Vaibhav Gupta, Ronak Chaudhari, Ashar Shaikh
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(12): 366-371.
  16. Water and Sanitation Situation in Urban Slums of India: Evidence from NSSO.
    Vaishali Jaiswal
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(5): 248-252.
  17. Ancient Indian Medicines
    Vaishali Bhargava
    Ann Ayurvedic Med. 2016; 5(1): 47-47.
  18. The role of Physiotherapy in health care delivery system: the need and reality- a student’s perspective.
    Vaishali Sisodia
    J Phys Ther. 2011; 2(2): 77-78.
    Vaishali Keluskar
    IJCRR. 2014; 6(6): 87-92.
  20. Level of Depression among the Geriatrics Attending Medical out Patients at Krishna Hospital, Karad.
    Prabhuswami Hiremath, Vaishali R Mohite
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(4): 197-201.
  21. Study of Services Provided to Beneficiaries of Chiranjeevi Yojana in Urban Slum of Ahmedabad City of Gujarat
    Vaishali K Mehariya; Jay K Sheth; D V Bala
    Natl J Community Med. 2015; 6(1): 112-116.
  22. Antibiotic Resistance Among Uropathogens : A Challenge
    Dr.Vaishali Rahangdale*, Dr.Swati Bhise*
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2013; 4(4): 115-117.
  23. “Quiz – An Innovative Method Of Teaching Microbiology To Medical Undergraduate Students”
    Dr Roma A. Chougale*, Dr Vaishali S. Patil**
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2016; 7(3): 101-106.
  24. A Prospective Study to Analyse Safety of Low Flow Anesthesia for Laparoscopic Procedures
    Annu Choudhary; Vaishali C. Shelgaonkar
    IJCRR. 2017; 9(6): 34-39.
    Vaishali Prakash Ahire, Lakshmi Rajgopal
    IJCRR. 2014; 6(21): 41-46.
  26. Correlation Of Bone Turnover Markers With Age, BMI And Serum Oestradiol In Pre And Postmenopausal Urban Women
    Dr Vaishali Jain*, Dr B.K.Agrawal**, Dr Atul Varshney***
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2015; 6(2): 66-69.
  27. A Study on Postnatal Depression of Women in Rural Bangalore.
    Sudeepa D, Suwarna Madhukumar, Vaishali Gaikwad
    IJHSR. 2013; 3(1): 1-6.
  28. A Study on Metabolic Syndrome among Diabetic Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital.
    Sudeepa D, Vaishali Gaikwad, Suwarna Madhukumar
    IJHSR. 2013; 3(6): 22-27.
  29. Hemiballismus: A Rare Manifestation of Stroke.
    Shankarappa M Mudgal, Srinivas Kosgi, Vaishali N Hegde
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(5): 517-521.
  30. Reporting of HIV/AIDS- A Systematic Review and Quantitative Analysis of Research Publications in Palliative Care Journals
    Senthil P Kumar, Vaishali Sisodia, John Ramapuram
    Int J Health Rehabil Sci. 2013; 2(1): 56-65.
  31. A Study to Assess the Barriers to Utilization of Clinical Research among Nursing Fraternity in India.
    Mahadeo B Shinde, Vaishali R. Mohite, Sharvari Sadare
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(4): 292-297.
  32. Significance of Glycosylated Haemoglobin (Hb) in Diabetic Patients
    Dr. Dipesh Prajapati, Dr. Vaishali H Anand, Dr. Mahesh Patel
    SEAJCRR. 2014; 3(1): 599-608.
  33. FNAC and Histopathology of Salivary Gland Tumors
    Dr. Vaishali H Anand, Dr. Dipesh Prajapati, Dr. Kalpana K Dave
    SEAJCRR. 2014; 3(1): 609-618.
  34. Self Concept of Children Affected By Armed Conflict in Jammu & Kashmir.
    Rajni Dhingra, Archana Bhat, Vaishali Arora
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(10): 234-241.
  35. An Unusual Presentation of a Non Organic Visual Loss.
    Hegde Vidya, Vaishali NH, Anupama B, Jain Rashmi
    IJHSR. 2013; 3(1): 65-68.
  36. Cord Blood Iron Status In Maternal Iron Deficiency Anaemia
    Dr. Vandana Agrawal*, Dr. Vaishali Jain**, Dr. Priti Sahu***
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2016; 7(3): 21-24.
  37. A Comparative Morphological Study of Placenta in Normal Pregnancy and Placenta of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension.
    Vaishali S. Mandhana, Gautam A. Shroff, A. R. Kharkar, Anagha Nawal
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(12): 184-188.
  38. Exploring the Research on Diabetes Mellitus : Status of Current Evidence from a 40-year Quantitative Trend Analysis of Published Articles
    Senthil P Kumar, Prabha Adhikari, P S Jeganathan, Vaishali Sisodia
    Int J Health Rehabil Sci. 2013; 2(2): 80-90.
  39. Perceived Self-Esteem amongst First-Year Nursing Students - A Cross-Sectional Survey
    Eva Chris, Maria Pais, Senthil P Kumar, Vaishali Sisodia
    Int J Health Rehabil Sci. 2012; 1(2): 74-80.
  40. “Introduction of an Objective Structural Clinical Examination (OSCE) as a learning tool for 4th year B.P.Th. Students”
    IJTRR. 2015; 4(4): 236-243.
    Vaishali Paranjape, Ashwini Kundalkar, P. Vatsala Swamy, Yashwant Kulkarni
    IJCRR. 2015; 7(21): 47-52.
  42. Dimensions of Schizophrenia; Existence A Boon to Therapeutic Interventions.
    Srinivas Kosgi, Mudgal Shankarappa M, Vaishali N Hegde, Vijayaprasad Barre
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(3): 334-347.
  43. Trends in Bacterial Spectrum of Community Acquired Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): A Comparison of Data for Years 2011 & 2014 at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital.
    Vaishali N Solanke, Rupali S Suryawanshi, Gita Nataraj, Preeti R Mehta
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(7): 130-137.
    Aruna Jadhav, Vaishali Dohe, Anju Kagal, Renu Bharadwaj
    IJCRR. 2016; 8(11): 15-22.
  45. A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Practices of Self Administration of Injection Insulin among Diabetic Patient Attending Out Patient Department of Krishna Hospital, Karad.
    Manisha C Gholap, Vaishali R Mohite, Mahesh Bhupal Chendake, Prabhuswami Heremath
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(9): 277-282.
  46. Ovarian Cyst Regression With Levothyroxine In Spontaneous Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome Associated With Hypothyroidism.
    Dr. Vaishali Korde-Nayak*, Dr. Rohan Krishnakumar**, Dr. Sushma Sharma*, Dr. Palak Kapadia**
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2014; 5(4): 88-93.
  47. Prevalence of Hypertension Among Fisherman Community in The Island of Bengre, Mangalore
    Shankarappa M Mudgal, Srinivas Kosgi, Vaishali N Hegde, Raghava Sharma, Satheesh Rao
    IJHSR. 2012; 1(2): 1-15.
  48. Early Clinical Exposure: A Tool To Learn Biochemistry: A Small Group Study
    Dr. Sushama Prakash Dhonde*, Dr. Pratap Jagtap**, Dr. Gajanan J. Belwalkar*, Dr. NitinNagane*, Mrs.Vaishali S. Bhandare***
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2015; 6(5): 76-80.
  49. Ocular Manifestation in Hypertensive Patients of Jamnagar Disrict
    Dr. Devdatta Gohel*, Dr. Archana Chaudhary**, Dr. Vaishali A. Prajapati***, Dr. Priyanka R. Rane****, Dr. Parth K. Shah*****
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2014; 5(4): 36-40.
  50. A Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Human Rights of Mentally Ill Among Post Basic B. Sc. Nursing Students In Krishna Institute of Nursing Sciences, Karad.
    Mahesh Chendake, Vaishali R.Mohite, Manisha Gholap, Prakash.M.Naregal, Prabhuswami Hiremath
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(10): 164-171.
    Shelke Umesh S, Kunkulol Rahul R, Phalke Vaishali D, Narwane Sandeep P, Patel Prashant C
    IJMRHS. 2015; 4(1): 41-45.
    Nilma Hirani, Pranali Medhekar, Ameeta Joshi, Vaishali Wabale, Abhay Chowdhary
    IJCRR. 2016; 8(17): 10-12.
  53. Study of Congenital Malformation in Neonates Born at Tertiary Care Hospital
    Vaishali J Prajapati; Asruti R Kacha; Khyati M Kakkad; Panchsila B Damor; Abhishek M Nandaniya
    Natl J Community Med. 2015; 6(1): 30-34.
  54. Exploring Hidden Epidemic of Hypertension and Diabetes in Catchment Areas of Rural Health Training Center (RHTC) and Urban Health Training Center (UHTC)of GMERS Medical College, Sola, Ahmadabad through Camp approach
    Rashmi Sharma, Gneyaa Bhatt, Vaishali Mehariya, ,Manish Rana, Pradeep Kumar
    . 2015; 6(2): 49-54.
  55. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Management of Epilepsy among Epileptics Attending Outpatient Department in Krishna Hospital Karad.
    Prabhuswami Hiremath, Vaishali R Mohite, Prakash Naregal, Shivaji H Pawar, Mahesh Chendake
    IJHSR. 2014; 4(10): 172-176.
  56. To Assess the Knowledge and Attitude of Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) Working in Satara District, Maharashtra towards HIV/AIDS.
    Mahesh B. Chendake, Vaishali R. Mohite, Manisha C. Gholap, Prabhuswami Hiremath, Prakash Naregal
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(4): 215-224.
  57. A rare case of transverse vaginal septum
    Vaishali Jain
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2017; 6(1): 218-219.
  58. To Study the Organophosphorus Poisoning in Hospitalized Subject at Krishna Hospital, Karad.
    Mahesh B. Chendake, Vaishali R. Mohite, Manisha C. Gholap, Prakash Naregal, Prabhuswami Hiremath
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(9): 283-289.
  59. Motivation of 1st MBBS Student’s by Active Learning with the Help of Poster Presentation Competition
    Dr. Sushama Dhonde**, Dr. Pratap Jagtap*, Dr. Nitin Nagane*, Dr. Gajanan J. Belwalkar*, Mrs. Vaishali S. Bhandare*
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2014; 5(6): 98-102.
  60. Effectiveness of SIM (Self Instructional Module) on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Nosocomial Infection in NICU among Nursing Students.
    Prakash M Naregal, Vaishali R Mohite, Prabhuswami Hiremath, Mahesh B Chendake, Rajashri karale
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(4): 190-196.
  61. Knowledge Assessment of Post Natal Mothers On Prevention of Neonatal Infections.
    Feba Raju, Rajashri. B. Karale, Vaishali. R. Mohite, Sunitha H Tata, Prakash. M. Naregal, S. V. Kakkade
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(6): 424-429.
    Rathod Shivanand S, Sagdeo Mohan M, Date Anjali A, Nagose Vaishali B, Ankur, Praveen Kumar Kodumuri
    IJMRHS. 2015; 4(3): 626-629.
  63. Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Newly Admitted Undergraduate Nursing Student at Krishna Institute Of Nursing Sciences Karad.
    Prabhuswami Hiremath, Vaishali R Mohite, Prakash Naregal, Shivaji Pawar, Manda Mulik, Anagha Katti, Tejas Bhosale
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(6): 233-237.
  64. Immunization Coverage in Rural and Urban Field Practice areas of a Medical College of Gujarat
    Gneyaa S Bhatt; Vaishali M Mehariya; Roshni K Dave; Madhuri Mahavadiya; Manish Rana; Rashmi Sharma; Pradeep Kumar
    Natl J Community Med. 2015; 6(3): 398-404.
  65. Analysis of FNAC of cervical lymph nodes: Experience over a two years period
    Shakera N Baji, Vaishali Anand, Richa Sharma, Kunal S Deore, Mital Chokshi
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2014; 3(5): 607-609.
    Sanjeev B. Birajdar, Vaishali A. Gawande, Ramchandra G. Latti, Bhagyashri R. Latti
    IJCRR. 2014; 6(8): 04-13.
  67. A Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Swine Flu among School Children in Selected School at Karad.
    Prabhuswami Hiremath, Jyoti A Salunkhe, Vaishali R Mohite, Avinash H Salunkhe
    IJHSR. 2015; 5(7): 290-294.
  68. The Level of Stress among the Relatives of Clients Admitted In Intensive Care Unit at Tertiary Care Hospital- Krishna Hospital, Karad, India.
    Rajashri B. Karale, Prabhuswami Hiremath, Vaishali R. Mohite, Prakash Naregal, Bhagwat Karale
    IJHSR. 2016; 6(4): 272-276.
  69. Evaluation of Risk Factors in Retinal Vein Occlusions (RVO)
    Dr. Vaishali A. Prajapati*, Dr. Shashank M. Patel**, Dr. Wilhemina Chauhan***, Dr. Vipul Prajapati****, Dr. Dhaiwat Vasavada*****
    Natl J Integr Res Med. 2014; 5(5): 96-99.
  70. Study on splitting of water for production of hydrogen gas using solar energy.
    Vaishali Singh and Tanushree Chatterjee
    . 2013; 5(5): 76-78.
  71. A study of breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices with emphasis on misconceptions amongst the women with under two year children in rural area
    Rahalkar Ashwinee A, Phalke Deepak B, Phalke Vaishali D
    IJMRHS. 2014; 3(4): 851-855.
  72. Exposure to Smokeless Form of Tobacco and Risk of Breast Cancer: A Case Control Study from Rural Maharashtra, India
    Rajsinh V Mohite; Vaishali R Mohite; Asha K Pratinidhi
    Natl J Community Med. 2016; 7(7): 560-564.
  73. Are Rehabilitation Journals Doing What They are Supposed to do? A Critical Review
    Senthil P Kumar, Vaishali Sisodia, Anup Kumar
    Int J Health Rehabil Sci. 2013; 2(3): 152-156.
  74. Manual Therapy Journals’ Contribution to Evidence-Base in Manual/Manipulative Physical Therapy - A Quantitative Trend Analysis of Articles (Published in 2013 - Volume 2, Issue 2)
    Senthil P Kumar, Vaishali Sisodia, Anup Kumar
    Int J Health Rehabil Sci. 2014; 3(1): -54.
  75. Manual Therapy Journals’ Contribution to Evidence-Base in Manual/Manipulative Physical Therapy - A Quantitative Trend Analysis of Articles
    Senthil P Kumar, Vaishali Sisodia, Anup Kumar
    Int J Health Rehabil Sci. 2013; 2(2): 98-108.
  76. Study of lifestyle practices of students of rural medical college, Loni
    Rutuja Mohan Phulambrikar, Deepak B Phalke, Anup Lahanbhau Kharde, Vaishali D Phalke
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2014; 3(9): 1079-1081.
  77. A study of evaluation of various risk factors of retinal vein occlusion
    Vaishali Amrutlal Prajapati, Dhaivat Vasavada, Shashank M. Patel, Wilhemina Chauhan, Vipul Prajapati
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2014; 2(3): 1054-1057.
  78. Dandy Walker variant mimicking as cerebral palsy with severe neurological impairment
    Vaishali Ramchandra Ghane, Kailash Chandra Patra, Narjohan Meshram, Arpan Chauhan, Anjali Kalbhande, Samir Wankhede
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2014; 2(3): 1191-1193.
  79. Ten years’ trend of HIV seroprevalence among Indian pregnant women attending antenatal clinic at tertiary hospital in Dhule, Maharashtra, India
    Vaishali Milind Patil, Arun P. Moray, Sarika P. Patil
    Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol. 2016; 5(5): 1514-1519.
  80. Oxidative stress and antioxidant vitamins in leprosy
    Sangeeta B. Trimbake, Alka N. Sontakke, Vaishali V. Dhat
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2013; 1(3): 226-229.
  81. Utilization of antenatal care in rural area
    Rajeev Kumar, Barun Kant Dixit, Vivechana Deora
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2016; 5(12): 2487-2492.
  82. Factors affecting performance of first year medical students in Bhopal, India
    Shubho Subrata Biswas, Vaishali Jain
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2013; 1(3): 192-197.
  83. Modern Approach in Animal Breeding by Use of Advanced Molecular Genetic Techniques
    Vaishali Khare; Ankur Khare
    Int. J. Livest. Res.. 2017; 7(5): 1-22.
  84. Menstrual hygiene practices among slum adolescent girls
    Rajsinh V. Mohite, Vaishali R. Mohite
    Int J Community Med Public Health. 2016; 3(7): 1729-1734.
  85. Comparative evaluation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug susceptibility testing between Direct Nitrate Reductase assay and Direct Proportion Method
    Neelu Jain, Nitin Jain, Vaishali Jain
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2017; 6(1): 86-90.
  86. Osseous metaplasia of endometrium: a rare cause of secondary infertility
    Nitin H. Shah, Kalyani G. Kale, Vaishali N. Shah
    Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol. 2016; 5(2): 532-535.
  87. Bone turnover markers in women can predict low bone mineral density
    B. K. Agrawal, Vaishali Jain, Atul Varshney
    Int J Res Med Sci. 2015; 3(4): 876-879.
  88. Under-Five Mortality Rate Reduction-a Challenge and Opportunity for Madhya Pradesh, India
    Kishor Parashramji Brahmapurkar; Vaishali K Brahmapurkar; Sanjay P Zodpey
    Natl J Community Med. 2016; 7(5): 442-448.
  89. Antidiabetic activity of Plumeria rubra L. in normal and alloxan induced diabetic mice
    Amruta V. Yadav, Vaishali R. Undale, Ashok V. Bhosale
    Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol. 2016; 5(3): 884-889.
  90. A preliminary evaluation of anticancer and antioxidant potential of two traditional medicinal plants from Lamiaceae - Pogostemon heyneanus and Plectranthus amboinicus
    Vaishali Rai, Vinitha Ramanath Pai, Pratapchandra Kedilaya
    J App Pharm Sci. 2016; 6(8): 073-078.
  91. Long lasting preventive effects of piperlongumine and a Piper longum extract against stress triggered pathologies in mice
    Vaishali Yadav, Shyam Sunder Chatterjee, Muhammed Majeed, Vikas Kumar
    J Intercult Ethnopharmacol. 2015; 4(4): 277-283.
  92. Prevalence of hepatitis A in southern part of Delhi, India
    Rachna Tewari, Vaishali Makeeja, Mridu Dudeja
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2016; 5(10): 2067-2070.
  93. Death and defaulted trends among registered TB cases at Jagdalpur TU in Bastar district of Chattisgarh, India
    Kishor Parashramji Brahmapurkar, Qamrul H Khan, Sanjay Zodpey, Manisha M Ruikar, Vaishali K Brahmapurkar
    Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2016; 5(11): 2361-2365.
  94. Development and Evaluation of In-Situ Gel Containing Ornidazole Loaded Microspheres for Treatment of Periodontitis
    Remeth Jacky Dias, Vijay Daulatrao Havaldar, Vishwajeet Sampatrao Ghorpade, Kailas Krishant Mali, Vaishali Kondibahu Gaikwad, Dilip Madhukar Kumbhar
    J App Pharm Sci. 2016; 6(10): 200-209.

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